Employers must play a role in limiting crowded trains


New York employers must do their part to help limit overcrowding in city subways as the coronavirus pandemic progresses and homework policies are relaxed, says Sarah Feinberg, Interim President of New York City Transit.

“We need them to help stagger the hours of their returning workers, to help stagger the days of their returning workers, to keep many people at home on telework and to be understanding,” said Feinberg Tuesday on CNBC “Closing Bell”.

“I think most employers would say they prefer their employee 20 minutes late because they waited and took a train less crowded than on time, but sat in a wagon like a sardine . This is not where we want to be, “added Feinberg, whose NYCT oversees the city’s subways as part of the larger Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Passengers will have to wear face covers, she said, and noted that the 24-hour metro service has been suspended to disinfect metro cars. Feinberg said that public transport officials rely on public health experts for advice, due to the inherent difficulties of public transport while following recommendations for social distancing.

“I keep asking myself the question, how are we going to keep 6 feet apart on the New York subway system? The answer is that it will not be possible, “she said, adding that it was” barely possible “with the current depression. attendance levels due to the pandemic.

This is a problem that public transit agencies in the United States are also facing, resulting in a sharp drop in fare revenues. Feinberg said she is concerned about how the number of transit passengers will recover in other cities, but thinks that will eventually happen in New York. She also noted that critical workers in New York, the epicenter of the United States’ Covid-19 epidemic, continued to depend on subways during the crisis.

“It’s just not an option for everyone to drive in New York,” said Feinberg, former administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration. “So people are going to have to come back to the system because that is who we are. It is the cornerstone of the city for a reason. … It will take a while, but I think traffic will return. “


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