Elon Musk Restarts Tesla Factory in California, Threats to Move Headquarters Out of State


Telsa CEO Elon Musk continued to challenge California and Alameda authorities by restarting production at the Fremont assembly plant on Monday, saying he was ready to be arrested himself even if necessary, CBS San Francisco reported. The announcement came a few days after Musk filed a complaint against the county to reopen the factory, which is the only Tesla vehicle assembly plant in the United States

Shift workers were seen entering and leaving the sprawling factory in the hours before dawn, filling the workers’ parking lot. The company has reportedly deployed additional PPE masks and taken other measures similar to those used to reopen the automaker’s factory in Shanghai, China.

Verve, citing two anonymous workers, said that production had in fact restarted on a limited basis over the weekend and that around 200 Y and 3 vehicles had left the assembly line.


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