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8 a.m .: Edinburgh Airport restrictions

Edinburgh airport chief executive Gordon Dewar said airlines may choose not to fly under new quarantine rules.

Boris Johnson is expected to confirm the 14-day restriction on travelers entering the country.

Dewar said, “The biggest question is whether the airlines will fly under these conditions. It’s very serious for us. “

France and Ireland are not on the quarantine list

Passengers arriving from France and Ireland will be exempt from the quarantine measures which will take effect in the UK before the end of the month.

A 14-day quarantine decision is expected, which will force travelers from elsewhere to isolate themselves.

Following Boris Johnson’s televised speech, number 10 confirmed a reciprocal agreement with the Paris government, which means that restrictions would not apply to passengers from France.

In a joint statement, the British and French governments said they had agreed to “work together to advance appropriate border measures”, adding: “This cooperation is particularly necessary for the management of our common border. “

The statement added: “No quarantine measures would apply to travelers from France at this stage; all measures on both sides would be taken in a concerted and reciprocal manner.

“A working group between the two governments will be set up to ensure this consultation in the coming weeks.”

7 a.m .: Heathrow calls for border clarity

Heathrow Airport has called on the UK government to lay out its plans for how the borders will be reopened, after saying passenger numbers fell 97% in April.

The airport called on the government to explain how the country could get out of the quarantine plan and reopen the borders to allow the movement of people and goods.

6:30 am: talks with Virgin Atlantic

Branson and Virgin website

Virgin Atlantic, by Sir Richard Branson, is seeking new funds from private investors to prevent the collapse, according to a report released today.

The airline is expected to discuss potential financing options with several private sector investors, including Cerberus Capital Management, Centerbridge Partners, Apollo Global Management and Greybull Capital.

The company’s financing talks would include the sale of equity interests for potential business loans or other forms of credit.

5h: Markets

Asian stocks followed Wall Street up as investors turned to more countries to restart their economies, although some reported new cases of coronavirus.

Investors in Asia have been encouraged by further easing of restrictions in New Zealand, while Japan plans to end the state of emergency in areas where infections have stabilized.

The Japanese Nikkei rose 1.5% in afternoon trade from 1.8% to its highest level since March 6.

Oil prices open about 1% less on a continuing supply surplus.

Brent crude futures fell 22 cents to $ 30.75 a barrel, while US crude fell 15 cents to $ 24.59.

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