Edge accepts Orton’s challenge, McIntyre against Corbin


WWE RAW was broadcast from the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. The Brand-to-Brand Invitational started with Corbin battling Drew McIntyre, and Bliss & Cross defended their women’s team championships against The IIConics. Edge also responded to Orton’s challenge for a traditional wrestling match at Backlash.

RAW results (5/18)

  1. Edge accepted Randy Orton’s challenge for a Backlash match
  2. Murphy defeated. Humberto Carrillo
  3. Charlotte Flair beats. Ruby Riott
  4. Bobby Lashley beats. R-Truth
  5. Bliss & Cross def. The IIconincs via DQ to keep women’s titles
  6. Shayna Baszler beats. Natalya in a submission match
  7. Kevin Owens and Apollo Crews fight. Angel Garza & Andrade
  8. Aleister Black beats. Murphy via DQ
  9. Drew McIntyre beats. King corbin

Here are 6 takeaways from this week’s show:

6Edge to face Randy Orton at Backlash


Charly Caruso kicked off the show in the ring and presented Randy Orton. Randy again declared that Edge was the best man at WrestleMania but he is not the top wrestler. He intends to prove it to Backlash in a traditional wrestling match. Randy said that Edge did not accept the challenge last Monday because he saw the doubt in his eyes.

Orton added that Edge’s grain and passion have disappeared and are now in doubt. Edge interrupted him and entered the ring. Edge said that Orton had said many truths last week and given him much to think about. Edge added that it was just a game and a salary for Orton because it was not the life he wanted. It was his backup plan and had this opportunity.

Edge said Orton did not care about this business the way he did and brags about having defeated Randy for the IC title in the past. He said Randy didn’t like the sport like the rest of the locker room before Orton’s shutdown. Orton asked for a response and Edge accepted the challenge. The two superstars looked at each other before Orton left the ring.

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