Easy tips for overcoming boredom by snacking as locking comfort when eating heaps of pounds


Comfort snacks are one of the biggest lock-in dangers faced by people confined primarily to their homes during coronavirus restrictions.

Snacks are usually a symptom of boredom, so by finding activities to fill the time and mobilize the brain, households are less likely to reach the cookie barrel.

Personal trainer and face of the musclefood diet and fitness program, The Do The Unthinkable Program, Steve Ahern, revealed five tips to help curb self-insulating snacks.

He said: “This is an extremely difficult time for everyone and for many, comfort is a way of coping.

“We treat all things differently, but what we can’t deny is that even if unhealthy snacks will make you feel good when you eat them, they will make you feel waste after the sugar rush is over .

Snacks are a danger to many while locking

“It is important that if you slip and get bored while snacking, you don’t worry. Wipe the slate clean and start again the next day. “

Here are Do The Unthinkable’s tips on how to avoid snacking on boredom:

1. Calendar

If you stick to a routine and know exactly when to eat and snack, your body will start to feel hungry when it knows it’s time to eat.

When you work at the office, you tend to stick to three square meals a day with maybe one or two snacks a day. Stay true to this routine.

2. Eat healthy

If you are going to snack, choose healthier snacks. Although unhealthy snacks like chocolate will make you feel good right away, when you crash you will regret your snack choice.

Also think about how much you eat. If you open a large family packet of crisps, eat it throughout the week rather than a day.

3. Keep tasks separate

Keep your workspace separate from your dining area. If you eat and work in the same space, it becomes easier to surround yourself with food and snacks throughout the day.

So your brain has no boundaries and doesn’t know when it’s time to work or eat.

4. Manage stress

Excessive snacks tend to result from stress or boredom. Manage stress and time better, such as scheduling tasks throughout the day, you will be less likely to reach the packet of crisps.

Find a hobby or learn a new skill that will keep you entertained and keep your brain from wandering.

5. Stay connected

Staying in touch with friends and family and having regular voice and video calls can save time to maintain strong relationships.

The time you spend on the call fills the time you would otherwise be bored and plan to reach the snack box.


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