EastEnders to broadcast heartbreaking news for Ben Mitchell as Callum becomes concerned


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EastEnders is airing grief for Ben Mitchell next week before the character’s major operation.

Ben recently became almost completely deaf after being injured in the boating accident.

Phil Mitchell’s son learned that his only option to try to hear again was an operation, but it involved certain risks.

Ben recently faced a shock when he learned that he had to wait weeks for his operation.

The character will soon be tempted to return to the criminal world with his father Phil, when the wicked Danny Hardcastle makes another return.

He can focus on that and on the operation, but as the operation approaches, he begins to feel bad.

His relatives, including boyfriend Callum Highway and mother Kathy Beale, worry about him as they greet him for his hospital appointment.

Ben is determined that nothing will stand in the way of the operation, especially since he wants to get back on his feet to help his father with Danny.

But as he prepares for the operation, Ben is heartbroken when the doctor shares news.

As he continues to feel bad, he is informed that they cannot perform the operation until it is better.

Ben begs the team to reconsider, but was told he can’t continue, leaving him devastated.

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Kathy tells Phil that the operation should be postponed, and she suspects that something is going on after his reaction.

Ben and Phil are pondering the news at home, as Phil is torn as to whether he should work with Danny and leave Ben out.

Kathy is worried about her son, and after speaking with Phil again, she remains unaware of what Mitchell’s men have planned.

As Phil falls on Danny in the Square, what does he want and will he continue his work?

EastEnders airs Monday at 8 p.m. and Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on BBC One.


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