Dwayne Haskins launches slimmer body on social media and why it could impact the Redskins in 2020


The former head coach of Ohio Urban Meyer could be “Concerned” on Dwayne Haskins’ social media activity, but if it did one thing for us during the offseason, it shows us that the starting quarterback from the Washington Redskins has lost a lot of weight. The former No. 15 overall pick posted photos of him training in the past few months, and he looked significantly thinner.

When Haskins weighed in the NFL last year, he weighed 231 pounds. Now, he complaints that he’s 220 pounds and has lowered his body fat percentage by 7 percent.

Haskins mentioned that he felt a “New sense of urgency” entering his second NFL season, and his actions have shown it.

While the Redskins only won three games last season, Haskins had two of those victories. In nine games in total, he threw for 1,365 yards, seven touchdowns and seven interceptions. In his seven starts, however, he threw for 1,225 yards, seven touchdowns and only three interceptions. Haskins had a bit of a rookie campaign from top to bottom, but seemed to put everything in place at the end of the season. In his last three starts, he has thrown for 564 yards, five touchdowns and a single interception. If anything, there is no doubt that he has potential as a quarterback in this league. With a thinner version of Haskins, we should expect to have a more athletic shift in 2020.

Haskins rushed for just 101 yards in nine games last season, and 108 yards and four touchdowns in his second season at Ohio State. He is by no means considered a “double threat” quarterback, but he is someone who is quick enough to get out of the pocket when necessary. Haskins proved that in his third pre-season game last year, when he intervened in the pocket against the Cincinnati Bengals and won six yards instead of taking a bag.

Haskins ran a dash time of 5.04 40 yards on the combine last year, but should run faster than that number suggests with the weight he has lost in the past year. . Although he doesn’t suddenly turn into Michael Vick or Lamar Jackson, a faster Haskins could mean that the defenses must now respect his ability to scramble and pay more attention to playing option games.

In addition, one thing Haskins has shown during his rookie campaign is that he is good at getting in the pocket, staying focused and throwing passes under pressure. Haskins could be quicker to step up when the defensive front gets closer and could also use these opportunities to rush if he sees the opportunity.

With a new head coach to Ron Rivera, Haskins will have to prove that he is the quarterback of the Redskins’ future. While he may have rebounded towards the end of his rookie season, that means nothing for 2020. But it’s fair to say that this offseason has been a success for Haskins. He shows that he is determined to keep the starting point and improve his body. Haskins wants to see the Redskins go through a major turnaround, but more importantly, he wants to lead it.


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