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Drake presents more new music, including a song by Roddy Ricch


Drake has played new music for the world, including one with Roddy Ricch and another where he speaks French, after releasing his new mixtape.

Drake has decided that 2020 will be his year and we don’t really have a say.

Yesterday evening, the king of Toronto announced his new surprise mixtape Dark Lane Demonstration Cassettes, which includes Playboi Carti, Future, Chris Brown, Young Thug and more. The 14-track display is officially out, and with him Drake has told the world that he will be releasing a new album this summer.

As if that were not enough, the 6ix God went on Instagram Live to preview a lot more of his new music, including a song where he speaks French and another with the viral hitmaker Roddy Ricch.

Drake new music
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Drake is certainly a year old, keeping his fans at the top because he could fall at any time. After delivering the new mixtape, the multi-platinum recording artist hopped on Live as everyone digested the new sounds to show us more of what they were cooking.

In one of the songs in preview, the native of Toronto speaks French in the hook. In another, Roddy Ricch could be heard delivering his own signature melodies in a song that had already been mentioned a few months ago.

With an album in the works for the coming months, Drake certainly has the attention of the world. Are you ready?



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