Dr Siegel predicts “more hopeless deaths” than viruses: “Blockages don’t work” if contagion spreads


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Fox News medical collaborator Dr. Marc Siegel said on Wednesday to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that “blockages don’t work” once a virus becomes widespread while the debate over when and how to keep reopening the country is raging.

“The blockages don’t work if there are already a lot of viruses in the region, in the community, in the state, in the country,” said Siegel.

NYU internist Langone referred to what he called “shocking” JPMorgan’s study released Wednesday indicating that the states and countries where the lockdowns have been implemented have had a higher rate of COVID-19 cases than the locations that remained open throughout the pandemic.

“South Dakota, which has never been locked, has seen virtually no cases in recent days,” said Siegel.

“In Hong Kong … they have a very ineffective government. Do you know why they were able to do so well with only four COVID-19 deaths? Siegel said, “Because people behaved. They knew how to distance themselves from society. It was not a lock. Locking certainly doesn’t make the problem any better… if there are already a lot of viruses. “

Siegel urged heads of state to ease the restrictions as soon as possible, citing concerns of an increase in “dead people in despair”.


“Do you know what locking does?” The lock destroys our health system to the point where we have more heart attacks [in patients] who don’t go to the hospital now, “he said.” No more shots that don’t go to the hospital now. No more cancer that went undetected. People say they are afraid to go to the emergency room right now. “

On Tuesday, more than 600 doctors signed a letter calling on President Trump to end the so-called “national shutdown”, calling home support orders closing businesses and children at home at school an “incident mass ”with” exponentially increasing health consequences. “

“Suicide, drug abuse, alcoholism,” said Siegel, “there will be more deaths from despair than from the virus itself. “

Tyler Olson of Fox News contributed to this report.


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