Dr. Hilary Reveals Children’s Chances Of Coronavirus When Schools Back To School On June 1


Dr. Hilary Jones spoke on the potential for school return on June 1 – telling moms and dads that their chances of transmitting the coronavirus are “less”.

The health care professional and medical expert appeared on Good Morning Britain on Friday May 15 to discuss the anxiety surrounding the return from school next month.

The children are expected to return to class starting June 1 as part of the government’s plan to further loosen the lockout restrictions, after being ordered to stay home in mid-March.

As parents and teachers express concern over the safety of children returning to school, GMB facilitators Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh asked Dr. Hilary about his medical expertise.

During the interview, who saw the medical expert appear in the studio from a safe distance, Dr. Hilary told parents that the chances of children spreading the virus to others are “lower”.

The health care professional added, “What we do know is that children transmit the virus less than others.

“There is fairly strong evidence worldwide that children are not only more resistant to the virus, but they transmit it to others less than adults. “

He continued: So if you work with children, the risk is lower, but I understand the concerns of the teachers.

“If the classrooms are large and the children are not socially distanced – all of whom can be mitigated – then there is a potential risk and this needs to be addressed. “

GMB continues on Monday with Piers Morgan presenting alongside Susanna Reid.


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