Doug Pederson says Jalen Hurts is not ready to be Carson Wentz’s replacement


So much for the competition for quarterback # 2.

Doug Pederson said Nate Sudfeld already has the job.

“I expect Nate to come and be aggressive and do the things he can do and become the replacement for Carson,” said Pederson on Tuesday.

This means that Jalen Hurts, the 53rd pick in this year’s draft, will start the season as the Eagles’ No. 3 quarterback.

This is how Sudfeld ended last season.

When last year started, Sudfeld was No. 2, but when he broke his wrist in the summer, the Eagles signed Josh McCown. And even when Sudfeld was in good health, McCown remained # 2 and finished most of the playoff loss to Seattle.

McCown is gone, and the Eagles’ quarter hall includes Wentz, Sudfeld, Hurts and former Giants ’4th round pick Kyle Lauletta.

Sudfeld is entering his fifth season in the NFL and his fourth with the Eagles, so even if he played sparingly – and never took any significant shots – it makes sense that he was ahead of Hurts.

Especially during an off-season without OTA.

Pederson compared this offseason to 2011, when the lockout canceled all off-season training and limited the amount of young players who could learn and prepare for the season.

Seeing this pandemic and thinking back to the end of the lockout year, I think at the start of this season, football teams will have to rely on their veteran players, and Nate is one of those guys for us, “said Pederson. . “He has been on our list for the past two seasons and he knows exactly what we are doing. I have a ton of confidence in Nate to become the backup quarterback. Nothing is ever given to anyone. I always try to create competition in all positions, and the quarterback, as you know, is not exempt from it.

Sudfeld has completed 21 of 25 career passes for 80% making him the most accurate quarterback in NFL history with a minimum of 25 attempts for those of you who care about statistics without meaning.

His assists rating of 106.0 in his career is the third highest in NFL history among QBs that have launched 25 assists, behind Craig Nall (123.8) and Pat Mahomes (108.9).

Sudfeld’s only career TD pass was a 22-yard player at Nelson Agholor in Washington on the last day of the 2018 season.

Hurts, who started his college career in Alabama and finished in Oklahoma, finished second in last year’s Heisman Trophy ballot, behind LSU only quarterback Joe Burrow.

Jalen is just learning and mastering our system, and there is another, another young player we have picked up who, there is a lot to learn, “said Pederson. “So are we going to go a little slower maybe with him until he takes the offensive?” You may have to. What I love is always the unknown, and the unknown is how much a guy, I think, can progress. And then once we put him on the grass, exercised him, exercised him, then we see exactly what these guys are. Right now, Jalen is doing a remarkable job of picking up the offense, spitting it out [quarterbacks coach] hurry [Taylor] and understand what we are trying to do.

Sudfeld, 26, has a one-year contract and has expressed a desire to compete for a starting job after this season, which will not happen here.

So Hurts in 2021 should be # 2.

But for now, he will be the third most famous player in the world, trying to make an impact as a gadget player by learning of a violation that the Eagles hope he won’t have to run for a long time.

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