Doubts surround the defense of the Tour de France by Egan Bernal


Giuseppe Acquadro, agent for many Colombian runners, including Bernal, Nairo Quintana and Rigoberto Uran, said Cyclingnews an exemption should be granted for the participation of its riders in the Tour de France 2020, but at this stage, it is not guaranteed.

While hoping to be able to obtain a special authorization to travel to Europe by private jet, it depends very much on the Colombian government as the nation continues its fight against the coronaviruses.

“Hopefully they will receive a special travel authorization,” said Acquadro. “I think they will be. They’re athletes, but running in Europe is also their job, so it’s important to them. “

“The Colombian government knows that Egan, Nairo, Rigo and the other riders participating in the Tour de France and in Europe are good for the morale of the country during the COVID-19 problems, so I think they will give them an exemption special for travel.

“Rigoberto Uran has a great relationship with the President and the Minister of Sport, I am sure he can help find a solution. Riders may need to be tested to show they don’t have the virus and travel together, but that’s okay. “

But it may not be that easy, even for the first winner of the Tour de France in Colombia, as the nation is working hard to keep its mortality rate from coronavirus low compared to its population.

“Restricting international air travel goes hand in hand with the health emergency,” Colombian Transport Minister Angela Maria Orozco told Reuters when the travel ban was imposed.

“Until August 31, the restoration of international flights is not expected. “

Colombia has recorded 18,330 cases of coronavirus and 652 deaths in a population of around 50 million people.

Racers like Bernal, Quintana and Uran all returned home to Colombia before much of Europe imposed a strict lock.


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