Don’t tell Kristen Stewart, but a new book “Twilight” is coming this summer


It’s time for Edward Cullen to shine – or, well, shine – in the next chapter of the saga of the book “Twilight”, which will be released this summer, 15 years after the release of the first novel.

Fans will finally be able to bite their teeth in the long-awaited new story by author Stephenie Meyer, entitled “Midnight Sun”. The fifth book in the series tells the epic story of vampire love from the point of view of bloody and bloodthirsty stupor – played on the big screen by Robert Pattinson – who falls in love with the human high school student Bella Swan (played in the films of Kristen Stewart).

Meyer announced the news in a pre-recorded video message broadcast on ” Hello america ” Monday.

“I’m very excited at last, finally announce the release of “Midnight Sun” on August 4, “she said. “It’s a crazy time right now, and I wasn’t sure if this was the right time to publish this book, but some of you have been waiting for it for so long, it just didn’t seem right to you anymore wait . ”

Many suspected that major news on “Twilight” was coming after a mysterious countdown appeared on Meyer’s website last week.

Unconditional fans of the hugely popular young adult novels have been waiting for over a decade for “Midnight Sun”, which Meyer originally intended to publish in 2008.

But the hackers leaked her unfinished manuscript online, so she put the book on hold indefinitely and chose to publish the project online.

Meyer said she was “seriously thinking about delaying” the novel again, given the current coronavirus epidemic, but decided to publish it anyway, given the fans’ wait times.

“I know how much I personally need distractions right now, how much I need something to hope for and most importantly, how much I need more books to read,” said Meyer in a press release. “So, I hope this book gives my readers some pleasure in anticipation and, after its arrival, a chance to live in an imaginary world for a while. “

The publisher’s description of the 672-page suite promises readers that they will learn “fascinating details about Edward’s past and the complexity of his inner thoughts.”

Meyer told USA Today that the book would be “definitely darker” and “more desperate” than previous entries.

Luca Teuchmann via Getty Images

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson attend the premiere of ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ in 2012.

The series, of course, spawned a successful film franchise, making big stars for Pattinson and Stewart, who haven’t exactly hidden their mixed feelings about the films over the years.

The star of “Charlie’s Angels” sarcastically expressed his enthusiasm for the reboot of the franchise in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” in 2018.

Pattison, however, seemed more open to the possibility, telling Yahoo in 2017 that he was “curious” about the idea.

“Really, are they extending it?” So will I have my own spin-off? He said at the exit. “No matter where there is a mass audience – or apparently an audience for it – I always like the idea of ​​overturning people’s expectations. There could be a radical way of doing it, which could be quite fun. It’s always difficult when there is no source material. ”


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