Donald Trump asked what exactly is the “infamous crime” committed by Barack Obama


Donald Trump said that “everyone” knew what crime Barack Obama had committed against him, because he was asked Monday “exactly” what he accused his predecessor of doing when he tweeted “Obamagate! “

Trump spent much of Sunday and Monday morning triggering a series of tweets, which appeared to be caused by Obama slamming his “chaotic” response to coronaviruses during a leaked conference call.

He claimed in a retweet that “Obamagate makes Watergate look small” and that his predecessor had “been caught”.

But Monday afternoon, at a press conference at the Rose Garden, he offered no definition of what he alleged.

A Washington Post reporter asked him, “In one of your Mother’s Day tweets, you seem to be accusing President Obama from afar of the greatest crime in American history – those are your words.

What crime is this? Donald Trump has been put on the spot what he means when he tweets `` Obamagate '' by a journalist asking him to define his allegations against his predecessor

What crime is this? Donald Trump was put on what he meant when he tweeted “Obamagate” by a reporter asking him to define his allegations against his predecessor

“What crime do you exactly accuse President Obama of having committed and do you think the Department of Justice should prosecute him? “

Trump replied “Obamagate,” then added, “It has been going on for a long time. It happens before I am elected and it is a shame it happened, and if you look at what happened and if you look now, all of this information that has been published, and from this I understand that this is only the beginning, terrible things have happened, and this should never happen again in our country.

Trump retweeted this image on Sunday evening, writing: 'OBAMAGATE'

Trump retweeted this image on Sunday evening, writing: ‘OBAMAGATE’

“And you will see what will happen in the next few weeks, and I hope that you write honestly about it, but unfortunately you choose not to do it.” “

In particular, his explanation gave no details on what he alleged – or on a specific crime, and the reporter urged him: “What crime exactly are you accusing him of?

“You know what the crime is. The crime is very obvious to everyone, ”replied Trump.

“All you have to do is read the newspapers, except yours.

The Monday tweets were the continuation of a stream of over 120 tweets on Sunday, many of them accusing Obama of being part of a conspiracy to bring down Trump.

Several Trump tweets claimed that Obama knew the details of a call between former national security adviser Michael Flynn and Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak in 2016 – central to what Trump calls “impeachment scam” .

Prosecution of Flynn for lying to the FBI about this call was effectively dropped last week, prompting Obama to tell his elders on Friday that the “rule of law” of the United States is in danger.

Trump appears to have been prompted to attack Obama by a half-hour recording of the former president’s conference call with the leak of the Obama Alumni Association, during which he called Trump’s response to the COVID-19 crisis of “absolute chaotic disaster” – and further criticized the decision to withdraw support for the prosecution of Flynn as a threat to the rule of law.

In response, Trump re-tweeted Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) who said, “Obama’s FBI targeted President Trump and his allies before the 2016 election. Scary!” Trump added: ‘… And we caught them and their illegal activities! ‘

Trump followed this up Sunday and Monday morning with a series of tweets and retweets on “Obamagate”.

The contours of the “Obamagate” claim are not entirely clear, but appear to be linked to Trump’s decision of those who sued Flynn as “human scum” last week when the Justice Department of AG Bill Barr removed his support for his prosecution.

A federal judge will have to decide whether to release Flynn, who pleaded guilty under oath to lying to the FBI.

Trump appears to be suggesting that Obama somehow instructed the FBI to hide his investigation of Flynn from the new administration in an attempt to remove Trump from office once he was inaugurated.

Monday morning salvo: Donald Trump launched a new storm of tweets on his predecessor after having tweeted several times on Sunday

Monday morning salvo: Donald Trump launched a new storm of tweets on his predecessor after having tweeted several times on Sunday

He also tweeted a link to an article in The Federalist – the conservative website founded by Meghan McCain’s husband Ben Domenech – who claimed that Obama had told James Comey not to inform Trump about fears that Flynn would be a Russian asset even after Obama’s departure.

And he continues to claim that intelligence agencies illegally monitored him and campaigned in the run-up to the elections.

The claim focuses on the FBI’s wiretapping warrant to monitor Carter Page, using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FSA), which allows a special court to authorize the spying of an American citizen.

Page had been under surveillance before

At the time of issue, Page was a former campaign assistant, but a subsequent review revealed major shortcomings in the renewal applications, including the fact that he was using the Christopher Steele file, including the allegation notorious for “peeing”, without informing the court. that it had not been substantiated and that part of it had been discredited by the FBI itself.

Trump also appears to link “Obamagate” to the establishment of the Robert Mueller Special Council investigation, which was set up by his own politically appointed deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein after Trump’s first attorney general, Jeff Sessions, recused himself.

Trump also made a point of highlighting in the two-day tweet storm how his administration had treated Beijing in relation to Obama’s relationship with President Xi Jinping, who had “allowed China” to become the dominant dictatorship superpower that she is. “

Trump called his friend Xi and invited him to Mar-a-Lago, but now says he is tough on China.

“We are getting excellent marks for managing the CoronaVirus pandemic, especially the very first BAN of people from China, the infectious source, entering the United States,” Trump tweeted.

“Compare that to the Obama / Sleepy Joe disaster known as the H1N1 swine flu. Bad grades, bad polls – had no idea!

About a year after Obama took office, the H1N1 pandemic hit the United States – and in October 2009, he declared the epidemic a national emergency.

Obama accused Trump last week of exacerbating “tribal” tensions around the country during the COVID-19 pandemic, which he said hampered efforts to reduce the total number of cases to the nationwide.

Responding to a tweet that Obama was `` the first ex-president to ever speak against his successor, '' Trump wrote: `` He got caught, OBAMAGER! ''

Responding to a tweet saying that Obama “is the first ex-president to ever speak against his successor,” Trump wrote: “He got caught, OBAMAGER! “

Donald Trump criticized former President Barack Obama for his response to the H1N1 pandemic in 2009 after his predecessor criticized the current response to the coronavirus crisis

Donald Trump criticized former President Barack Obama for his response to the H1N1 pandemic in 2009 after his predecessor criticized the current response to the coronavirus crisis

Trump also targeted Obama in a few other tweets and reposts for issues unrelated to pandemic responses

Trump also targeted Obama in a few other tweets and reposts for issues unrelated to pandemic responses

The audio of the web call where Obama made the comments was obtained by Yahoo News, which then released a report on the details of the call on Friday.

“What we are fighting against are these long-term trends in which to be selfish, to be tribal, to be divided and to see others as an enemy – this has become a stronger impetus in American life,” said the former president.


Donald Trump didn’t say exactly who the “human scum” was, but here are the ones he probably meant



Why he is “scum”: Trump claims that Comey was part of a conspiracy to invalidate his presidency and have him removed from office with false allegations of Russian collusion. Comey told Trump about the “golden showers” case and Trump accuses him of being involved in his escape

What Trump did: He was fired, then rabies tweeted for almost three years, demanding that Comey be prosecuted for “treason”; called him “sick” and “crooked”

What happened: Nothing. Comey made millions thanks to memoirs and speeches. Now actively denounce Trump


Why he is “scum”: Supervised the investigation of Mike Flynn and arranged an interview with the FBI with him. Further investigation into Russia after Comey’s dismissal

What Trump did: McCabe charged with “treason” should be sentenced to death

What happened: McCabe has been the subject of an internal investigation for unauthorized media disclosure of the Clinton probe, subject to a dismissal recommendation which has been dismissed; he chose to retire and Jeff Sessions found a way to fire him the day before he resigned to remove certain pension rights. The DOJ then attempted to convince two grand juries to lay charges of lying to a federal agent and failed. He is now cleared and is suing the DOJ for firing him. IG report rid him of political bias



Why he is “scum”: Ran Crossfire Hurricane investigates Trump-Russia while exchanging anti-Trump messages with the lover of FBI lawyer Lisa Page, then went on to investigate Mueller. The texts included a notorious message “we’re going to arrest him” about Trump becoming president. Revealed for ordering that the Flynn probe remain open when the case worker wanted to close it. Interviewed Flynn and according to Trump and his supporters, he deceived Mike Flynn by lying to the FBI

What Trump did: Rage tweeted about Strzok and Page, demanded treason charges, posed for sex at a rally

What happened: The texts were part of the Inspector General’s investigation into the FBI and DOJ and Trump-Russia. Strzok was escorted from the FBI headquarters when it was published in June 2018, stripped of his security clearance, questioned by Congress and dismissed in August on the recommendation of the internal discipline. Remains married despite the case and sues for unfair dismissal



Why she is “scum”: Exchange of anti-Trump texts with her lover Peter Strzok while she offered legal advice to the Russian probe, then in the early stages of the Mueller probe. Wrote “she just has to win now” from Hillary Clinton and “this man can’t be president”.

What Trump did: Rage tweeted about the “charming Lisa Page”, accused her of being in the “witch hunt” and demanded charges of treason. Imitated orgasm at rally in Minneapolis

What happened: She has resigned from the FBI and is now continuing to publish her texts, which prompted MP AG Rod Rosenstien to disclose their publication by inviting journalists to see them at night. Stay married



Why he is “scum”: Repeatedly stated on television that Trump’s campaign was colluding with Russia. Trump appears to be accusing him and Comey of being part of a preventive “plot” to remove Trump from office if he wins the election, and claims to have “withheld evidence” on Flynn.

What Trump did: Rage-tweeted repeatedly demanding charges of treason or other unspecified prosecution

What happened: Nothing. Clapper’s testimony to the House investigation of Trump-Russia revealed that he told them under oath that he “had never seen direct empirical evidence” of collusion

“And by the way, we also see it internationally,” said Obama. “This is part of the reason why the response to this global crisis has been so anemic and uneven. “

“It would have been bad even with the best of governments,” he said. “It was an absolute and chaotic disaster when this state of mind – of” what I gain “and” heckling with everyone “- when this state of mind is operationalized in our government.

He also reaffirmed his support for his former vice president and the presumed democratic candidate: “This is why, by the way, I will spend as much time as necessary and campaign as hard as possible for Joe Biden. ”

There are currently more than 1.3 million cases of coronavirus and 78,000 deaths in the United States – and several state and local governments have started reopening and ending foreclosure and house arrest orders after months. economic downturn.

Trump boasted on Sunday in one of his tweets, “It’s great to see our country start to open again! “, Including a picture of the reopening of his Los Angeles club for golfers.

Excluding campaign speeches in the 2018 midterm elections, Obama has remained largely silent since Trump took office and replaced him after beating Hillary Clinton in 2016 – most of all he avoided direct criticism of the current president by name.

Obama’s comments on the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic have been a much stronger attack on his successor than he has published in the past.

Last month Obama addressed veiled criticism of Trump over the COVID-19 crisis, saying there was no “coherent national plan” to deal with the epidemic.

“While we are still waiting for a coherent national plan to deal with this pandemic, states like Massachusetts are starting to adopt their own public health plans to fight this virus – before it is too late,” tweeted l ‘former president.

Obama used the tweet to launch an attack on the president, but also praised Massachusetts for its response to the pandemic with an article in the New Yorker titled: It’s not too late to commit a coronavirus offense.

While several states continue to lament that they do not have the supplies to administer enough tests, some have taken matters into their own hands.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has launched a statewide large-scale testing plan, which will be used to implement effective quarantine and treatment systems.

The state was able to increase the number of tests administered from just 41 on March 9 to more than eight thousand on April 17.

Obama also attacked his successor in late March when Trump signed the CARES law to provide $ 2.2 trillion in economic stimulus and relief to Americans and small businesses.

“We have seen the consequences of those who have denied warnings of a pandemic too terribly,” the two-term Democrat tweeted last month.

“We can no longer afford the consequences of climate denial. Each of us, especially young people, must demand better from our government at all levels and vote this fall, “he continued at the time.

This election year was turned upside down by the pandemic. With no vaccine in sight and the number of cases increasing, some states have started to gradually reopen their economies while others have maintained a lockdown.

The Trump administration has been scrutinized for its response to the pandemic.

Media reports have indicated that Trump downplayed the severity of the coronavirus even though his own experts urged him to take it seriously.

Senior Trump administration officials such as Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar and business advisor Peter Navarro sounded the alarm about a pandemic hitting the coast of America in late January, but the President ignored the warnings.

Critics said the precious time that was lost could have been used to speed up testing and provide health care professionals with adequate supplies of personal protective equipment to better cope with the pandemic.

Trump has also been criticized for his mixed messages – touting social distancing and preventive measures on the one hand, but then urging his supporters to “liberate” states through mass protests on the other.

The President also made comments that provoked public mockery and contempt, including his suggestion that cleaning disinfectants could be ingested into the body in order to treat COVID-19.

Trump, for his part, said his decision to suspend travel from China had saved lives, although the administration allowed flights from China carrying US citizens and legal residents to continue landing in the country.

The record unemployment rate reported on Friday has captured the pain of a nation where tens of millions of jobs have suddenly disappeared, devastating the economy and forcing Trump to overcome historic headwinds to win a second term.

Barely a few months ago, Trump planned to campaign for re-election thanks to a robust economy – but with unemployment rates of 14.7%, the highest since the Great Depression, some states essential to Trump’s victory are suffering financially.

The President is now responsible for convincing voters that the catastrophic job losses are the result of the pandemic – not his handling of the public health crisis.

Meanwhile, 11 members of the US secret service recently tested positive for COVID-19 while 23 others have recovered from the disease.

According to Department of Homeland Security documents obtained by Yahoo News, some 60 agency workers responsible for protecting President Trump and other senior government officials are currently under quarantine due to the epidemic.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller tested positive for the virus on Friday. She had recently been in contact with the Vice President. Miller is married Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s best advisers.

The positive test for Katie Miller came a day after White House officials confirmed that a member of the military serving as Trump’s valet had tested positive for COVID-19.

The case of Trump’s valet marked the first known case where a person who came close to the president tested positive since several people present in his private club in Florida were diagnosed with COVID-19 at the beginning of March.

The valet turned positive on Wednesday.

The White House was preparing to consolidate its protection protocols to protect the country’s political leaders.

Trump has said that certain staff members who interact closely with him will now be tested daily.

Pence told reporters on Thursday that he and Trump will now also be tested daily.


Mike Pence was a career intelligence officer who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and was still in uniform as a three-star general when he became Barack Obama’s chief of defense intelligence in July 2012.

But he fell out with the Obama administration, was forced to leave in July 2014, and turned to private intelligence counsel.


December 10: Flynn is paid to travel to Moscow and sits next to Vladimir Putin at a dinner celebrating the RT propaganda outing (right). His consulting business has Russian clients


February: Flynn signs up to provide national security advice to the Trump campaign; in the next few months he’s floated like a running mate

July 20: Flynn leads songs “lock up” at the Republican National Convention and claims that Obama hid the actions of Osama bin Laden

July 31: The FBI opens a Crossfire Hurricane counterintelligence investigation into a group of Trump assistants, including Flynn, for possible Russian influence. In 2014, an FBI informant told agents that he saw Flynn spending time at a dinner in the UK with a Russian woman linked to Kremlin intelligence; the information is included in their survey. Flynn is the code name Crossfire Razor

November 4: Trump wins the election and meets Obama, who advises him not to hire Flynn. Trump ignores advice and appoints him as national security adviser

December 2016

Flynn meets with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak (right) at Trump Tower and exchanges calls and messages throughout the month.

December 29: Hours after Obama announced sanctions against Russia for interfering in the elections, they speak and Flynn says he will be “revised” when Trump takes office. The call is heard by intelligence agents who monitor Kisylak’s calls and the details are included in the intelligence reports. Next day Putin says Russia will not fight back for sanctions


January 4: FBI writes report that there is “no derogatory information about RAZOR [Flynn]. ‘But 20 minutes later, the FBI’s counterintelligence agent, Peter Strzok, told the case agent” don’t shut down RAZOR “and” 7th floor involved, “which means FBI leadership. He also sends an email to his lover Lisa Page, a senior FBI attorney, about the Logan Law – a never-before-enforced law of 1799 prohibiting individuals from interfering in foreign relations. “Razor always open”, he writes and describes the news as “fortuitously happy”. ‘Phew, yes, it’s amazing that it’s always open. Well, I guess, ”says Page. Strzok replies, “Yes, our total incompetence actually helps us. 20% of the time, I guess ? ‘

January 5: Obama holds an Oval Office briefing on Russian electoral interference with Joe Biden, CIA Director John Brennan, FBI Director James Comey, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. He asks Comey and Yates to stay and says he “learned the news” about Flynn’s call to Kislyak. Comey mentions the Logan law

January 6: Obama’s best figures – Brennan, Clapper and Comey – give Trump team, including Trump, a briefing on Russia at Trump Tower

January 12: Bombshell Washington Post The report reveals Flynn’s call to Kislyak on December 29, “according to a senior US government official”: “What did Flynn say and did it undermine US sanctions? “He mentions the Logan law

January 14: Flynn tells Pence that he did not discuss the sanctions; Trump officials will repeat this on TV in the next few days – including Mike Pence the next day

January 20: Trump is inaugurated; Flynn becomes national security advisor

January 22: Wall Street newspaper reveals Flynn under counterintelligence investigation into Russian ties

January 23: FBI Deputy Director Strzok and Andrew McCabe Exchange Messages Planning to Interview Flynn

January 24: Two FBI agents – Peter Strzok and one whose name is kept secret – travel to the White House and interview Flynn in his west wing office. Their notes say he denies having discussed sanctions with Kislyak and said “if I did, I don’t remember”

January 26-27: Yates tells White House lawyer Don McGahn that Flynn lied to Mike Pence and other officials, so is compromised, may be blackmailed by Russia, and other aspects of her conduct are disturbing that she cannot tell McGahn because they are classified

January 28: Flynn sits in the Oval Office to attend Trump’s first call with Putin

February 9: Washington Post reveals that Flynn has discussed the sanctions and publishes an interview in which he repeats the denial “categorically”. After the story is published, he tells the newspaper a different version – that he may have discussed the sanctions

February 10-11: Trump says he’s going to “check out” Flynn, but help is at Mar-a-Lago’s dinner with Shinzo Abe. Pence

February 13: Washington Post reveals that McGahn was warned of Flynn by Yates. Flynn resigns, admitting he inadvertently cheated on Pence, which prompted him to cheat Face the Nation in January

February 14: Trump meets Comey and says Flynn is “a good guy” and “I hope you can see your way to let this go.”

March 30: Flynn offers to testify before Congress – at a time when the House and Senate are under Republican control – or the FBI on Trump-Russia in exchange for immunity from prosecution; nobody accepts the offer

May 9: Trump dismisses Comey and, on May 17, Robert Mueller is appointed special advocate

May 10: the Intel Senate Committee summons Flynn for its contacts with Russia; he quotes the fifth amendment; they called later in more detail, and in early June he voluntarily handed over the documents

November 5: Mueller’s investigators revealed that they were ready to charge Flynn and his son Michael Jr. on multiple charges. They watch his foreign lobbying and even if he conspired to kidnap a Turkish cleric from the United States and deliver him to Turkey – but are also ready to make a deal to let his son leave if he returns

November 16: Mueller team interviews Flynn for the first time

November 22: Flynn withdraws from “joint defense agreement” with Trump, suggesting agreement is underway

December 1: Flynn signs a plea agreement with Mueller; he will plead guilty to lying to the FBI during the White House interview. In return, his son frees himself from the charges and Flynn himself escapes accusations of not having registered his lobbying for foreign entities. He appears in court and admits under oath to lying to the FBI and says he understands the deal. “I recognize that the actions that I recognized in court today were wrong and, thanks to my faith in God, I am trying to get things right,” he said. The White House said, “The false statements involved reflect the false statements made to White House officials that led to his resignation in February of this year. “

December 2: Trump tweets: “I had to fire General Flynn because he had lied to the vice president and the FBI”


January: Flynn is interviewed several times while he cooperates with Mueller and the conviction is repeatedly deferred

June 7: Obama’s assistant national security adviser reveals in a book that the Obama administration first learned of Flynn’s communications with Kislyak in December 2016 from members of Trump’s transition team and not revealing his name in intelligence reports

December 18: Flynn appears in court for sentencing hearing; Mueller’s recommendation is little to no prison. But Judge Emmet Sullivan says “no doubt you have sold your country” and asks why he has not been charged with “treason.” The conviction is deferred


12 juin: Flynn licencie Covington & Burling, son cabinet d’avocats en chaussures blanches, et engage un nouvel avocat, Sidney Powell, qui lui avait dit sur Fox News d’abandonner son accord sur le plaidoyer

30 août: Flynn dépose une requête accusant les procureurs de l’avoir inculpé de plaidoyer de culpabilité en retenant des éléments à décharge tandis que d’autres parties du gouvernement tentent de le «salir» en tant qu’agent russe

16 décembre: le juge rejette la requête de Flynn après avoir examiné le rapport de l’inspecteur général d’Intel sur les actions du FBI et du DOJ avant les élections de 2016 et fixe la date de condamnation pour le 28 janvier


7 janvier: les procureurs disent vouloir jusqu’à six mois pour Flynn; une semaine plus tard, il dépose une demande de retrait de son plaidoyer de culpabilité « en raison de la mauvaise foi du gouvernement, de sa vindicte et de la violation de l’accord sur le plaidoyer ». Une semaine plus tard, il demande une probation s’il ne peut pas sortir de son contrat. La condamnation est différée jusqu’au 20 février

14 Février

Le procureur général Bill Barr nomme Jeffrey Jensen, mandataire politique, procureur américain pour le district oriental du Missouri, pour examiner les poursuites engagées contre Flynn

April 29

De nouvelles notes publiées par Jensen montrent Strzok discutant de garder Flynn comme cible le 4 janvier 2017. Ils montrent également des notes d’un fonctionnaire du FBI sans nom provenant de l’entretien avec Flynn du 24 janvier 2017, disant: «Quel est notre objectif? Vérité / Admission ou pour le faire mentir, afin que nous puissions le poursuivre ou le faire virer? Trump déclenche une tempête de tweets qui dure jusqu’au lendemain, en disant: «  Ce qui est arrivé au général Michael Flynn, un héros de guerre, ne devrait plus jamais arriver à un citoyen des États-Unis! “

May 7

Le ministère de la Justice a déclaré qu’il retirait son soutien à la poursuite de Flynn, affirmant que l’entretien dans l’aile ouest était «  indépendant et non justifié par l’enquête de contre-espionnage du FBI contre M. Flynn  » et qu’elle avait été «  menée sans aucune base d’enquête légitime  ».


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