Dominick Cruz doubles his harsh charges against referee Keith Peterson


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Cruz raised eyebrows with the overwhelming accusations he drew
to referee Keith
Peterson following the UFC
249 main co-event. During his first fight in almost four years, Cruz succumbed to a
Cejudo knee and 4:58 follow-up shots in the second round
their bantamweight title clash at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in
Jacksonville, Florida. While Cejudo concluded the competition with
about 10-12 unanswered punches on Cruz he appeared as
although the representative of the MMA Alliance is on the way back
his feet.

“It was a 100% early stop – I’m sure”,
Cruz said on Saturday on the UFC 249 post-fight broadcast on ESPN. ” I wish that
there was a way to keep these referees a little more accountable
sometimes. The guy smelled of alcohol and cigarettes, so who
know what he was doing. Absolutely. I wish they had tested them.
I know Grass
dean is good. He is one of the best referees. I have it immediately when I
seeing that the referee was like, “Man, is there a way to veto an arbitrator and get
a new? ” I wonder. “

Cruz’s suggestion that Peterson was either drunk or hungover
during the fight was the most serious statement made in the
following the event. Given a few days to clarify her
comments, Cruz did not back down from this accusation during a
recent interview with ESPN.

“Before I get into this fight, I remember
to this referee, Keith
Petersonet it’s like mumbling, touching the ground, putting
his fist down and put his fingers on where not knee and
where to kneel down, and he won’t look me in the eye. I go
below to make sure he looks me in the eye and I say to myself “Hey
man, i don’t understand what you’re saying. What are you
you speak? Explained Cruz. “Be clear, because you control
of this fight and I want to know what’s going on. I need you
do this work. I shook her hand and said, “I need you to let me go
outside. It’s a title fight. I need you not to stop this

“I looked him in the eye and said,” I need you for that “, and I
Shook his hand. My experience with him was that he felt like he did
been out all night the night before, like cigarettes and alcohol.
And he couldn’t look me in the eye. I’m never in 25
the fights had a referee who couldn’t contact me in the eye before
a fight. “

Through 12 UFC and WEC fights documented by, Cruz had
has never been involved in a fight officiated by Peterson. While Cruz
congratulated official veteran Herb Dean for
his judgment in the main event of UFC 249 that followed, he felt that
Peterson showed a bad conscience in the waning seconds of Round
2 as Cejudo hurried to the finish.

“First, I’ll move on to responsibility and say I shouldn’t put
the arbitrator able to make that decision, “said Cruz.
“We are in the last 20 seconds of [round]. He says, “This is not my
work to know the clock. “Yes, it’s your job to know the clock. You
having a job is to keep us safe and know the time … With 20
seconds remaining in a round which is a time when the fighters sprint. You have
I threw you Hail Marys, it’s all the time for a football match.
Same thing in a five-minute sprint. After five minutes
sprint, you have to sprint. Who wants more? Henry did his job.
He sprinted at the end of the bell. But I hadn’t gone out. You can see
on tape.

“The second I saw this referee couldn’t look me in the eye, I
said, “I wish I had Herb Dean,” “
Cruz added. “This is the reference I want. You see how he officiated
title match after, and I agree with everything he did. I think that he
officiated incredibly. “

In the future, Cruz would like to have comments regarding the arbitrator
if he participates in another championship bout.

“I also want to hold the referees accountable. If you are there,
you should be as far from a state as the fighter, “he said.
“You should be able to look the fighter in the eyes and in the face
question they have. We should be able to negotiate this at
less for a title fight. It was a weak link, I believe in my fight
between me and Henry. “

Cruz says he heard similar testimony from other fighters
regarding Peterson’s behavior outside the Octagon, including one
from partner Alliance MMA Training Jeremy

“I never had a referee that I felt so fragile about going to the
fight, who couldn’t make eye contact, who felt the way he
smelled, ”said Cruz. “Jeremy
Stephens told me he should carry this guy [Peterson] return
to his front bedroom. These are real things we are talking about.
Fighting continues and these guys get hammered
the day before and they’re not clear and they’re going into a hangover.
You are a weak link in my three-year preparation for this, and I
don’t like it. “

Cruz hasn’t spoken to Peterson since the fight.

“Did you see how quickly this guy ran out of the Octagon when I
told him he dropped the ball? He was gone, “said Cruz. ” He
couldn’t even face me. He knows. “




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