Doja Cat recruits Nicki Minaj for the new Say So remix


Doja Cat has enlisted Nicki Minaj for a new remix of her song that climbs the cards, “Say So”. The original version appears on the second album of Doja Cat, 2019 Hot pink.

The new rotation of the pop song with retro groove presents Minaj taking a verse and also closing the remix, which surrounds the original hook and rap of Doja Cat. “Every time I take a break, the game is so boring / Enough like Naomi, Cassie and Lauryn,” rapped Minaj on his verse. “They don’t understand the speech, I’m a stranger / When they think they are going beyond the queen, they start to fall. “

While Doja Cat’s “Say So” was officially released last year, the single received a major boost after going viral on TikTok, transitioning from application to radio waves and rising in the charts this year. She also released the colorful video of the “Boss Bitch” ready for the club, his exceptional contribution to the soundtrack of the Harley Quinn film, Birds of prey.

Meanwhile, Minaj released their first 2020 single, “Yikes”, in February, which debuted at number six on the Rolling stone Table of the 100 best songs. In January, the rapper partnered with Meghan Trainor for “Nice to Meet Ya”.


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