Doja Cat denies “stripping white supremacists” in a racist chat room and “making fun of police brutality”


Doja Cat denied being part of a “white supremacist chat room” in a long live Instagram feed in which she addressed the series of controversies that have engulfed her in recent days.

The pop star, who recently won number one in the United States with his song “Say So,” has been accused on social media of participating in racist conversations on the TinyChat site. A demo track titled “Dindu Nuffin”, titled after a racist meme generally used by the alt-right, was also uncovered, along with claims that she made fun of the pronunciation of the name of Beyonce.

Despite issue an apology statement yesterday (May 25), Doja Cat revealed on Instagram Live this morning (May 26) that it was edited by her management team and decided to use her own live feed to resolve the controversy herself.

“Next [allegation] “Strip for white supremacists,” “said Doja. “The chat room I’m going to is a public chat room. It’s me and my friends, you’re going in there … I’ve learned that there are racist people going in and out of the cat. They are there. They happen, and then they’re banned. The idea that this chat room is a white supremacist chat room is … I don’t understand it at all. Not even. “

She said racism occurs “more” on TinyChat, compared to Twitter and Instagram, because it is “not as monitored.” “When you see racist s *** on TinyChat, it’s because people don’t pay attention to it,” she added.

Speaking to “Dindu Nuffin”, Doja said that she had been called the term in the same chat room and that she had attempted to recover it by using it in a song. She admitted the song was “the worst”, saying the lyrics made no sense, but also denied that it was written in any way to make fun of police brutality or Sandra Bland. Bland was a 28-year-old black woman who was found dead in a Texas prison cell in 2015, three days after being arrested during a traffic stop.

“This song is in no way related to police brutality or Sandra Bland, and to see something like that, to see a song, my song which I made, linked to the death of an innocent black woman is l ‘One of the most awful rumors I’ ever encountered, ”said Doja.

Doja Cat also denied making fun of Beyoncé following a social media video in which she appeared to call him “Beyonkey”.

“Did I see something about the way people thought I was coming for Beyoncé? Said Doja. “Beyoncé is the cream of the crop of shit. Beyoncé is the reason I believe I can be who I am. Beyoncé is one of the driving forces of who I am in my career. Beyoncé is undeniably talented and every time someone came for Beyoncé, I was there. And that’s all I have to say. ”

Last week, Doja was one of the many female pop stars, including Beyoncé, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, who were mentioned in an Instagram rant by Lana Del Rey, who claimed they all had number one tracks one on “being sexy and wearing no clothes”.


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