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Park wardens and security will “intervene” if social distancing measures are ignored in open spaces, warned the London Olympic Park boss as restrictions on outdoor activities are relaxed.

Visitors will be watched closely, and many are expected to flock to parks and recreation areas after the government relaxes the “stay local” message, which means people can drive to open outdoor areas.

Mark Camley, executive director of parks and sites for the London Legacy Development Corporation, which manages the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in east London, urged people not to travel far and take advantage of the outdoor spaces nearby.

Speaking on behalf of key London park officials, Camley also said police could get involved if people continually ignored two-meter distance tips.

He said: “People are now expected to go out more as it warms up, so London parks will have to introduce measures to make sure people stay within two meters of each other. the other “.

Camley added, “We are really counting on people to use their own common sense, but some will unfortunately ignore the advice, and we will deploy security guards and parks if necessary to intervene and have a silent word reminding them to stay apart .

“If there are major problems, I think the parks would not hesitate to involve the police, but we don’t want to get there, we really want people to use their common sense. “


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