‘Disappear’ – Pundit has a championship plan that West Brom and Leeds fans will love


There are a multitude of proposals on what to do with the rest of the 2019/2020 season, both in the elite and in the EFL.

The absence of matches has given commentators time to pontificate the best path for a sport in the midst of an existential crisis.

Meanwhile, Liverpool fans from Leeds to West Bromwich Albion have wondered if they will not be denied the glory they have been so close to achieving.

Liverpool are two games away from the title, while the championship pacesetters feel like they have a toe in the elite.

One of the most vexatious is the issue of promoting or relegating the Premier League, the disparity between eating at the top table and looking for crumbs below.

And specialist Danny Higginbotham, who before taking the microphone has had a professional career with Manchester United, Derby and Stoke, thinks the season should end with a Premier League ascent for Leeds and Albion – but without anyone coming down.

“It is difficult, but I think the four major leagues and you can even get into semi-professional, non-league football – the teams that are in automatic position right now, they are promoted. There is no relegation, “he told ESPNFC.

“We then have seasons with leagues obviously over-inflated but we have more relegation.

“The reason I say this is that if you look at Huddersfield, they were relegated from the Premier League last season, they still made £ 90 million.

“The teams that would normally be relegated to the Premier League, what they do then is that they will not get the full amount to be in the Premier League next season.

“They receive half of it, half of what they would normally have and the rest of the money would then be filtered.

“Because as long as this goes unanswered, the longer some of the big clubs, which are such a big identity in a community, will disappear.

“One thing England is so well known for is the pyramid in the base, so many fantastic players have come of age and gone into the Premier League from there, to gain international recognition with England and I think this is why I would make the point where there is no relegation. ”

The idea is only one of many on the table, although the first two levels of England are currently determined to complete the current campaign.

How and when it can be done, if possible, remains open.


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