Director of “The Last Dance” on unsuccessful material – The Athletic


The director of “The Last Dance” gives some friendly advice to any documentary maker interested in Michael Jordan. “You could make an entire documentary from the winter of Michael’s second year of high school to the winter of his final year when he declared for North Carolina,” said Hehir, the director of the documentary series in 10 ESPN and Netflix games, now over. , “The Last Dance”, which examines Jordan’s last season with the Bulls in 1997-98. “It would be the Bible of inspirational stories for children. But we had to get through. “

I have spoken to Hehir on several occasions in the past month, including an in-depth analysis of how he approached his three interviews with Jordan and the process of making the film which takes more than two years to complete. One thing that interested me was knowing if there was a content area in Jordan that Hehir really wanted to explore but didn’t have time because the doc ultimately had to …


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