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Diplo confirms he has a son with a former Miss Universe candidate



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Diplo celebrated Mother’s Day with a surprise announcement: he is the father of three children.

Record producer and DJ, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, revealed on Sunday that he had a newborn son with former Miss Universe candidate Jevon King.

Diplo shared three photos on Instagram in a sweet Mother’s Day post: a photo of himself as a child with mother Barbara Jean; a photo of her ex Kathryn Lockhart hugging their sons Lazer, 5, and Lockett, 9; and a snapshot of King embracing their most recent addition, Pace, who was born on March 20.

“Thank you for giving me life and helping me create it – the three strongest mothers in the world,” wrote Diplo. “I’m still in the works, but you gave three perfect beautiful boys. I love you all until the moon and back. “

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The record producer admitted that he “hesitated” to share his news about his baby because he had not met his son while he was practicing social distancing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“So I had an entire (expletive) baby during my forties,” Diplo wrote in another article. “I hesitated to post it because not only did he already have a better haircut than me … But also because I have not met him yet since we are separated by a million kilometers and closed borders. “

“His name is Pace, he and his mom are super healthy and happy and I will meet them as soon as we turn a corner on this world stop,” added Diplo.

In honor of his first Mother’s Day, King shared several photos of Pace on his Instagram account. “In the midst of all this chaos, you have been my peace,” she wrote.

King represented Trinidad and Tobago in the Miss Universe 2014 contest.

Prior to Pace’s arrival in March, Diplo said he was isolating himself from the sons Lazer and Locket for their protection.

“My son is too young to understand the complexity of what is going on,” he wrote. “But they are not anxious and nervous like the rest of us. They live in a house with their most vulnerable grandmother. I have been in contact with hundreds of people in the past four weeks … and I am staying away from home until I get rid of the virus. ”

DJ Diplo welcomed a new son to his family in March. (Photo: ANGELA WEISS, AFP via Getty Images)

He continued, “It hurts because I miss them so much that they are what makes me wake up everyday and live and breathe, they are my ultimate joy, but it is my sacrifice to make sure that everyone around me is safe. You haven’t had that much time at home in years, and I wanted to build Legos and watch movies with them. But for now I’m just going to sit by the window and listen to them play drums and sing for me. ”


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