Deshaun Watson: the bears NEVER spoke to me before the 2017 draft


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It looks like there isn’t much we can agree on these days, but one thing America is united about is this: the Bears blew it up in 2017.

Even Bears fans would not dispute this point.

Chicago, of course, could have had Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson and didn’t have to trade up to # 2 in total to get one or the other. In fact, the Bears probably didn’t have to trade to get Mitchell Trubisky either, but they still did.

Watson has now weighed in on the subject because reruns of the 2017 project are everywhere.

” The Bears NOT EVEN ONCE Talked to me [before the draft]Watson wrote on Twitter Friday evening.

The Bears traded for Nick Foles, who could end up being the team’s starter before the end of 2020. Chicago declined the fifth-year option on Trubisky’s contract earlier this week.

Mahomes and Watson will get long-term deals in the near future that will place them among the highest paid players in NFL history.


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