Denzel Washington’s interaction with police, and individual praised amid incidents of police brutality


On May 22, 2020, TMZ shared a video of Denzel Washington, an unidentified individual and several police officers.

The interaction is said to have taken place in Los Angeles on May 21.

But in light of recent events that have made the headlines, the video has gained traction on Twitter. Many people have shared the clip on the social media platform with a variety of comments and speculative scenarios of what happened.

On May 28, former NBA player Rex Chapman shared it with the legend:

“Denzel Washington saw a commotion in West Hollywood with cops and an unarmed distressed homeless man. “

“He got out of his car and acted as a barrier between the man and the police, helping to alleviate a tense situation. This man was safely arrested. “

It turned out that Chapman’s version of events was inaccurate.

Details revealed later established that Washington arrived first and the police arrived later for a welfare check. When they were initially handcuffed, once the person was deemed safe, they were released from police surveillance.

Before these details came out, Chapman’s comments were postponed.

Another video posted a week later by Moneyshot Photography (@MoPhoPix) – an amateur paparazzi clearinghouse – featured a discussion with a police sergeant shortly after the events of the original video.

In this document, Sergeant LAPD Mackie (sp?) Provided USA TODAY confirmed by a representative of Denzel Washington.

The sergeant said Washington was driving and spotted the man on the road. The award-winning actor stopped to help the man get to the sidewalk.

A passerby called the police.

When the LAPD staff arrived:

“We intervened, spoke with the individual and determined that he did not want to hurt himself or the others, and he was on the way, and Denzel left. ”

“Denzel provided him with a mask to protect himself from the environment and it was good. So Denzel helped us today. “

A LAPD spokesperson declined to comment further on the incident.

Despite the lack of details, people praised Washington for stopping to help the man.

People praised Sergeant LAPD for also answering questions.

No further details are available at this time, but what we do know is welcome at a time when public-law relations have reached explosive levels in more than one city in the States -United.


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