Denzel guides the police as they search the black man



Social media applaud Denzel Washington for helping a homeless person in Los Angeles – a meeting that (as people point out) ended very differently from the arrest of George Floyd. It seems that the Hollywood icon saw the man wandering on La Cienega Boulevard. and stopped, then chatted with the police while they were tapping him, the LA Times reports. Washington, who was wearing a mask, gave the man some masks while the police put his hands behind his back (as seen in this tweeted video). However, the May 21 meeting did not end with an arrest. In fact, the man was detained for a mental health exam and allowed to go there. Among the reactions:

  • “Denzel is a gentleman, a scholar and a real,” tweets ESPN editor Ericka Goodman. “Keep giving her her roses. It’s the right way to help. “
  • “Now why doesn’t it happen more often?” Why couldn’t George Floyd receive the same treatment ??? ” tweets another person responding to the video. “I can’t help but wonder if what would have happened if Denzel hadn’t come to help, or if he wasn’t famous. “
  • “I saw Denzel Washington evolve and I was scared, but it was ONLY because he was there being a hero, saving a life while WEARING HIS EXCAVATION MASK,” written another Twitter user, by USA today. ” My man! “
  • “Denzel provided him with a mask to protect himself from the environment and it was good. So Denzel helped us today, “said an officer on the scene at another videocalling Washington “a very good Samaritan.”

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