Deaths in daily coronavirus hospitals increase again by 425, for a total of 27,000


The number of daily coronavirus deaths in hospitals in the UK has further increased to more than 400, bringing the total to over 27,000.

A total of 425 deaths have been recorded in British hospitals in the past 24 hours – 350 in England, 50 in Scotland, 16 in Wales and nine in Northern Ireland, the respective health officials said.

It brings the total number of confirmed deaths in UK hospitals to 27,185, and today’s figure is a large increase from 222 yesterday, although slightly less than the 453 hospital deaths recorded there one week on May 5.

The tragic number continues to rise after heartbreaking figures revealed more than 8,300 people who died in English and Welsh nursing homes late last month after contracting Covid-19.

And new figures released by the Office for National Statistics suggest that the true death toll in the UK is over 40,000.

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The Ministry of Health’s official death toll currently stands at 32,065, with nearly 26,769 dead yesterday in hospitals.

Yesterday’s hike of 222 was the second lowest since March, but doctors warned that Britain could still face a second peak if the next steps in the government’s response were not carefully managed .

In Wales, 16 deaths from coronavirus have been reported, health officials have confirmed.

The death toll in Scotland today has risen to 1,912 – with 50 additional deaths confirmed in the past 24 hours.

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that 13,763 people in Scotland are now positive for the virus, an increase from 136 to 13,627 the day before.

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Last night, 1,618 patients were hospitalized with Covid-19 confirmed or suspected, up 165 from 1,453 the previous day, added Sturgeon, including 81 in intensive care, an increase of one.

The increase in suspected hospital cases is under investigation, added Sturgeon, while warning of “undue concern”.

NHS England said the 350 new deaths brought the national total to 23,709.

Forty-four took place on May 11, 90 on Sunday and 44 on Saturday May 9.

The figures also show that 92 of the new deaths occurred between May 1 and May 8, 76 occurred in April, while the other four died in March, with the first death occurring on March 17.

Seven of the 350 were under the age of 40, 36 were between 40 and 60, the rest were over the age of 60.

Figures released today by the NHS England show that April 8 continues to have the highest number of hospital deaths in a single day, with a current total of 887.

In nursing homes, the decline in the number of deaths was the slowest, the figures show.

ONS statistician Nick Stripe told the BBC: “Nursing homes (unfortunately) are showing the slowest decline.

“For the first time I can remember, there were more deaths in total in nursing homes than in hospitals that week. “

The highest proportion of coronavirus deaths is among people aged 80 to 84, with 36.7% of deaths from the virus, according to figures from today’s NSO.

The highest number of Covid-19 deaths was recorded among people aged 90 and over, with 1,494 deaths.


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