Deaths from coronaviruses in France are on the rise again, at 28,132 | New



PARIS (Reuters) - Les autorités sanitaires françaises ont signalé mercredi 110 nouveaux décès dus à des coronavirus, soit une augmentation de 0,4%, portant le total à 28132, le quatrième plus élevé au monde derrière les États-Unis, la Grande-Bretagne et l'Italie.

The number of confirmed cases increased from 418 to 143,845, an increase of 0.3%, in line with the average increase per day observed since the resolution of a national blockade on May 11.

On Tuesday, the number of cases increased by 524, but the number of deaths decreased due to adjustments reported by regional health centers in nursing homes.

In the last two weeks of the lockout, the daily increase in the number of confirmed cases averaged 0.8%, an indicator closely monitored by the government to ensure that the gradual relaxation of measures does not trigger a dreaded second wave of the disease.

In an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien, Geneviève Chene, head of the public health authority France public health (SPF), affirms that there is no sign of resumption of the pandemic, in spite of new clusters of infection, but warned that the virus “was still there”.

“We will have to wait until the end of next week to find out if contaminations are on the rise again,” she said, adding that the time lag was between the incubation of the disease and the collection of reliable data on infections.

Chene also said COVID-19 deaths at home – so far unreported – should only account for one percent of the total, adding that an official estimate should be released before the end June.

With 37,730 suspected cases in nursing homes, an increase of 348 in 24 hours, the total number of confirmed and suspected infections increased by 0.4% to 181,575, placing France in 7th place behind this measure behind the Brazil.

The number of people in intensive care with COVID-19 fell 5.3% to 1,794. The number of people in hospitals with the disease fell to 17,941 from 18,468 on Tuesday.

These two figures – key indicators of the capacity of the French health system to cope with the epidemic – have been on a downward trend for at least five weeks and peaked at over 7,000 and 32,000 respectively at the start in mid-April.

(Report by Benoit Van Overstraeten and Geert De Clercq; Editing by Chris Reese and Elaine Hardcastle)



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