Death toll in France exceeds 28,000 dead as coronavirus strikes slaughterhouses


PARIS: The death of the new coronavirus in France exceeded 28,000 people on Sunday May 17, announced the Minister of Health, while the authorities were trying to contain the epidemics in two slaughterhouses.

The most recent daily report, of 483, the largest for several weeks, consisted mainly of deaths in nursing homes – 429 deaths, compared to only 54 in hospital.

These figures brought the total number of deaths from the virus to 28,108 in France.

France’s health directorate-general, DGS, was unable to tell AFP why there had been a sudden increase in deaths in nursing homes.

The figures have been updated from those provided by regional health authorities, they said.

The number of deaths in nursing homes has been corrected several times in recent days, reflecting the challenges that managers face in collecting and collecting data.

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Meanwhile, health officials have been fighting to contain two virus epidemics in slaughterhouses that have so far infected about 100 people.

A slaughterhouse is located in the center of the Loire Valley, near the city of Orleans. The other is in the north-west region of Brittany.

Regional health officials said that 63 of the 209 workers at the Breton slaughterhouse have so far tested positive for the virus.

Officials at the Fleury-les-Aubrais slaughterhouse near Orleans said they had detected a “group” of 34 cases among the 400 workers. 40 others were tested on Sunday and others on Tuesday.

“According to the company’s human resources department, there were masks, gels, temperature readings at the entrance to the slaughterhouse and it seems that the protocol was respected,” explained the regional prefect. Pierre Pouessel.

The overall situation in France, however, with a continuing decline in hospital deaths and admissions for the virus, was better news.

Four regions in the north and east of the country – including the Paris region – account for 74% of the number of people treated in hospital.

Since the virus arrived in France, 98,569 people have been hospitalized, of whom 17,500 have had to be treated in intensive care. Over 61,000 people recovered and were able to return home.

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