David Beckham said by Jose Mourinho that he was lucky after he retired from football


Jose Mourinho welcomed David Beckham to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for a guided tour – and revealed why he thought the former Man Utd midfielder was lucky in retirement.

Before the coronavirus was locked, the 45-year-old visited what would have been his local club when he grew up in Chingford, north London.

Beckham and Mourinho have been reunited by AIA, which sponsors the Premier League outfit and for whom the former Real Madrid playmaker is brand ambassador.

The former England captain’s visit to Tottenham was traced in a series of videos published by AIA, the second episode focusing on the Spurs’s installations in their state-of-the-art home.

Jose Mourinho told David Beckham he was fortunate enough to still look like a retired player

Mourinho first brought Beckham into the locker room, before the couple headed to a small gym in the bowels of the stadium where the couple agreed it was better than anything they had seen at the players era.

And this is where the Portuguese boss admitted to the Englishman as the couple discussed the impact of the improved facilities on the players when they hung up their boots.

The pair also marveled at modern facilities at Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

“I must say again that you are lucky because you are one of the few guys I see after their playing career and you [still] look like a player, “said Mourinho.

“The majority of guys have problems here [in the back], knee problems, ankle problems.

“You will see these guys [the current players], when they finish their career, it will be different. ”

As the tour continued, the duo met with Tottenham President Daniel Levy before descending the tunnel and entering the grounds of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

And Mourinho again made a franchise to Beckham, noting something that would let him know if the next game would be good or bad.

“If you (the players) don’t like to walk there, I’m in trouble, I’m in trouble,” said the former Chelsea chief.

The AIA brings together its global ambassador, David Beckham, and his partner, Tottenham Hotspur, to promote healthier, longer and better lives. For more information, visit: AIA.com


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