Daily horoscope for May 2: YOUR reading of the astrological sign, astrology and forecasts of the zodiac


The Moon is in Virgo who is working hard this weekend. However, that will not make much difference to those who are currently on sick leave.

Fortunately, the Virgo Moon is there to keep everything going well.

Whatever you do today, it feels good to be productive.

So now is the time to offer your services or do something good for your health, your business, your home.

The Virgo Moon must be necessary, which may not be the case with other planets in this astrological sign.

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, take care of your garden.

And people with animals can expect to enjoy their business even more today.

Astrologers therefore advise you to take care of your cat or take long walks with your dog.

As the Moon harmonizes with the Lunar Knots and Uranus, everything is flowing today.

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Mercury and the Sun in Taurus come next, as the Moon enters its most productive phase.

From tomorrow, there is so much to do and to achieve.

But for tonight, as the Moon heads to a trine with Mercury and the Sun, you can expect to see renewed hope and optimism, clarity and strength.


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