Dad says death of 24-year-old daughter from coronavirus caused by obesity


Silvia Melendez died of coronavirus at the age of 24, with her father Marcos, on the right, saying that the morbid obesity of her 300-pound daughter was to blame for her death (Photos: GoFundMe)

Grieving father believes his daughter’s morbid obesity is to blame for her death from the coronavirus at the age of 24. Marcos Melendez quit soda, stopped eating after 6 p.m. and got more exercise after 300-pound girl Silvia died of Covid-19 in March. His wife Silvia Sr also adopted a healthy lifestyle following their tragic loss.

The couple’s late daughter, from West Valley City, Utah, had a body mass index (BMI) of 60, double the number considered obese, with more than 40 people considered morbidly obese.

Silvia Jr suffered from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and a heart condition that saw her have open heart surgery two years ago. All these conditions put Silvia at a much higher risk of serious illness or death from coronavirus, her mother, father and brothers being now convinced that her weight contributed to her premature death.

Marcus told USA Today, “This virus attacks the weakest thing in your body, especially if you are overweight.

Obesity in Silvia has caused a multitude of health problems, including diabetes, hypertension and heart disease which are all known to put coronavirus patients at increased risk for serious disease

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“The coronavirus was doing great damage to his lungs and after that, the virus entered his heart. She reacted well with oxygen, then the virus started to attack her heart. It did the opposite to a great extent. “

After being admitted to hospital in March, Silvia Jr appeared to respond well to the oxygen treatment, but suffered a sudden and fatal drop. Silvia Jr was so heavy that the ICU staff could not lay her flat on her stomach while she was lying on her bed. The technique has been adopted for patients with coronavirus because it allows them to use the least damaged part of their lungs and makes them less dependent on a ventilator, which causes considerable damage to the patient’s body.

When the doctors and nurses moved Silvia Jr, she had trouble breathing just after a few minutes. Patients who respond well to the technique are left on their chest for up to 17 hours a day. Dr. Jeanette Brown, who treated Silvia at the Utah University Health Hospital, said, “We had to turn our backs on her and try not to lose the airways.

“She couldn’t tolerate more than a few minutes. “

Marcus’ wife, also known as Silvia, started dieting shortly before her admission to the hospital and maintained her new diet. Silvia Sr also fought the coronavirus in the hospital, but defeated the virus. Marcus said, “I’m really scared of her too. “

The grieving father wishes to remember the daughter he loved, as well as the horrible way in which she died, saying, “I have no words to say how beautiful and kind she was with the family. “

An increasing number of studies confirm the link between obesity and the deaths of Covid-19. Anyone with a BMI over 40 is more likely to need intensive care treatment for coronavirus due to their weight, scientists say.

This same condition also makes it more difficult for doctors to treat them and insert a ventilator into their lungs if they suffer from respiratory failure. A disturbing 42% of Americans are now obese, public health experts urging doctors to use the coronavirus pandemic as a way of emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The coronavirus has so far infected 1.6 million Americans and killed more than 96,000 people across the United States.

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