Crowds ignore coronavirus locking rules and flock to London market and Leicester stores


Crowds of people flocked to a London market and queued for The Range in Leicester as Britain went through its sixth weekend of coronavirus containment.

Photos taken today show hundreds of people racing down a main street in East London as a huge queue of winding lanes outside a Leicester range store.

This comes as the UK death toll from Covid-19 has risen to 28,446 today, with another 315 people sadly dying on the last day.

People are more likely to go out on weekends because they are not working, which means that some places have been very busy despite the police on patrol.

Residents stopped to chat while browsing Hackney’s Broadway market, and three men were even spotted walking with beers, reports The Sun.

The streets were filled in Broadway Market, London

The British also rushed to pick up furniture and other household items from The Range in Leicester, which is open because it is considered an “essential” store.

This weekend also saw Britons flouting lockout rules completely, like the group of young men who played a big football game in Birmingham.

While most people stay at home, some are really really fed up with the lockup after six weeks.

It can be frustrating, but the government has suggested that sanctions for breaking the rules could get worse if necessary in the coming weeks.

Fines for first-time offenders could increase almost double to £ 100 while anyone who re-offends could face £ 3,200, according to The Telegraph.

The fine will double every time you commit another violation that goes against the lockout. If the same person commits six separate offenses, they are liable to a fine of £ 3,200.

And if you don’t pay the fine, you could go to court and to prison.

This comes after 9,176 fines were imposed in England and Wales for breaking the rules in the first four weeks of foreclosure, until April 27.

By increasing fines, the goal will be to deter people from violating and endangering themselves and others.


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