“COVID toes” and other skin symptoms may be a sign of coronavirus


There is still much to learn about the new coronavirus, including wide range of symptoms which seems to be developing. Common symptoms of respiratory disease include fever, cough, shortness of breath, and chills, but some doctors have reported less obvious symptoms in some patients – including what some call “COVID toes” and other conditions skin.

Esther Freeman, director of global health and dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, said the cases of “COVID toe” looked like pernio or frostbite, a condition of inflamed blood vessels caused by cold temperatures.

“We are witnessing this inflammatory reaction that we would normally see when someone has been exposed to the cold … like someone playing outside in wet socks,” Freeman told CBS News. “However, in this context, we see it in hot climates and we see it in patients who have been inside and sheltered there. “


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