COVID-19 threat online is fake after PA alert


The message was deleted shortly after, but not before being shared more than 200 times. The woman later posted a second message, claiming that she was charged and, while admitting that she was wrong, blamed those who shared the original message. RCMP Sergeant. Rob King said paNOW the woman was contacted and advised not to post similar messages online.

Response from La Loche

La Loche Mayor Robert St. Pierre says kids will be kids when it comes to bad online behavior.

“I think this is nonsense,” he said. “Because La Loche is the epicenter right now, and people have posted some things on social media and basically say that La Loche is a carrier of the virus or traveling diseases and people see it getting pretty defensive about our community and rightly so. “

St. Peter added that he does not think the story we should be talking about is the online threat, but rather what people can do to support each other in the fight against this virus around the world.

In response to the possibility of large numbers of people traveling to Prince Albert, St. Pierre argued that the only people leaving the community are those with valid reasons such as medical travel. He added that community members respected what had been defined by the leaders.

Saint-Pierre also explained that he is in regular contact with the community checkpoints, and that the activities are very slow and that no one passes. He added that checkpoints are open 24/7.

“People are afraid but why blame La Loche?” I know La Loche has a bad envelope, but we are wonderful, loving and caring people. If we want to be on the defensive, people will be on the defensive and I can’t control that, “said St. Pierre.

Prince Albert mayor believes woman owes city apology

Greg Dionne says he is disappointed to hear that the woman who launched the online threat will not be charged, explaining that although the threat may not be valid, it has caused great anxiety in the city.

Dionne explained that when the city was informed of the potential threat, the RCMP, the municipal police and the road patrol were immediately mobilized.

“You have to take it as truthful. You have to investigate, ”he said.

Dionne said that when authorities realized that the woman claimed to be in a Prince Albert hotel – a business that had been closed for weeks – they understood what was really going on and that the threat was false.

“What excuses will she make to help [the hotel] recover the customers she scared? She corrupted a business in Prince Albert and it frustrates me, ”said Dionne.

“You can apologize for whatever you want and blame others for sharing your Facebook post. The first question is: have you published it? Yes, it’s 100% your fault. “

The local hotel, which had undergone extreme renovations, was due to reopen on May 5. Dionne said management had expressed concerns over the plans after implementing the plans, but has since been reinstated.

Regarding concerns related to people from other parts of the province coming to Prince Albert, Dionne said he did not have one and applauded the leaders of the North for the work they have done in their respective communities to control the spread of the virus. Dionne said he was more concerned about the traffic from Alberta.

“They are a warm case bed and we will soon be opening country cottages. And all of these people will be coming from Alberta without having been tested for COVID-19, “he said.

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