COVID-19: Not all B.C. healthcare establishments are committed to respecting working rules on a single site


Content of the article

Health Minister Adrian Dix said 46 long-term care homes and assisted living facilities in British Columbia have yet to assure the province that they will not employ workers from other sites in British Columbia. high risk of COVID.

Dix said on April 9 that all 545 health care facilities in British Columbia employed thousands of part-time workers working at different sites to end the practice.

He said the province is ready to spend $ 10 million a month to raise the wages of part-time workers so they can work in one establishment.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, workers who infected patients from different establishments were a big problem.

Dix said on Thursday that 499 facilities had completed a single site plan, leaving 46 incomplete. He wants everyone to be in compliance by May 26, and by mid-June workers will start receiving additional wages that will be retroactive.

“Moving to a single site is complex, but it is necessary,” said Dix. “And a change in our approach to care.”


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