COVID-19 Live Updates: Calgary Coronavirus News for May 29


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“As we start to feel like we are fine, maybe we start to beat this stuff, we cannot let our guard down,” he said.

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“We are so ready”: massage, the beauty shops are still waiting for the reopening of the green light

Brenda Videnoff, Director of Operations at the Prema Wellness Center in Calgary, is looking forward to reopening. Azin Ghaffari / Postmedia

Finally, on Monday, retail businesses such as clothing, furniture and book stores, farmer’s market vendors, cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars, hair salons and hair salons resumed.

This left Stage 2 companies still on hold – and frustrated.

“I understand that, to a certain extent, we are much closer to the client,” Megan Johnston, esthetician and makeup artist at Vanity Vault. “But any esthetician knows that you wear gloves, you follow proper hygiene procedures. Vanity Vault has always been OSH compliant and our space has been approved. “


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