COVID-19 in Toronto: New coronavirus continues to pose serious risk of hospitalization, data shows


Toronto’s COVID-19 curve still seems to be flattening, but public health officials report that 15% of all those who contracted the new coronavirus in the city have had to be hospitalized.

About five percent of those hospitalized remain in care, and one in five of this group is in intensive care.

However, approximately 75% of all those who have had a confirmed case of COVID-19 have recovered.

Here is an overview of the most recent data from the city:

  • There have been 8,603 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Toronto.
  • At least 683 people have died – more than a quarter of all deaths in Ontario.
  • There are outbreaks – defined as more than one case – in 137 establishments (some of these outbreaks may have been resolved, the city notes).

How do you get COVID-19 in Toronto?

Almost half (49.6%) of all confirmed cases are due to close contact with someone infected with the virus.

Another 23.7 percent comes from the spread in the community – a number of officials will closely monitor the weather as it improves and more Torontonians will venture into the parks and reopen stores.

About 12% of all confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the city are health professionals, while 8% of cases were considered travel related and 6% of those who fell ill did so in a establishment.

City officials are expected to hold a press conference to provide an update at 3:45 p.m. ET. You can watch it live in this story.

In the meantime, the province will release its latest COVID-19 statistics around 10:30 am, while the government may announce news of the school year today. You can find these details here.


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