Costco and Kroger Warn of Limited Supply


Meat shortages came sooner than expected – probably thanks to hoarders.

Costco announced Monday that it will limit customers to only three packs of meat per buyer, while Kroger supermarkets have posted an alert in the meat section of its website warning that there may be limited inventory “due to the high demand ”.

Grocers are preparing for a meat rush in mid-May as major meat processing factories, including Tyson Foods, have been forced to shut down production. But the shortages seem to have come sooner than expected, as worried consumers about the shortage of meat have been sourcing, experts say.

Tyson Foods, which closed a number of factories last month after workers fell ill with coronavirus, said on Monday that the pandemic would disrupt the meat supply chain for several more months despite an executive order from the President Trump to keep the processing plants open.

“Operationally, we have and we plan to continue to face downturns and temporary idling of production facilities due to the shortage of team members or the choices we make to ensure operational security, “said the company.

Among his best known brands are Hillshire Farm and Jimmy Dean.


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