Corrie triggers 276 Ofcom complaints after Yasmeen’s gruesome attack on Geoff


The Coronation Street episode on Friday sparked 276 complaints to Ofcom as Yasmeen Nazir, played by Shelley King, retaliated against her vile husband Geoff Metcalfe, played by Ian Bartholomew.

After weeks of disgusting abuse, Yasmeen defended himself from Geoff after attacking her with a knife.

She hit him with a bottle of wine, which broke into pieces, and then used the sharp edges to stab him in the neck, the episode ending while he was lying on the floor.

Some viewers were shocked by the violence of the scenes, and Ofcom confirmed that it had received 276 complaints about the script and was planning to investigate.

Some viewers criticized the violence when Geoff attacked Yasmeen with a knife in pre-watershed scenes

A spokesperson said, “We are evaluating complaints about our broadcasting rules, but have not yet decided whether to investigate them or not.”

Viewers also used Twitter to express their horror at the bloody turn of events.

One of them wrote, “Don’t you think the last scene was very violent for Corrie? “

“I can hardly remember half an hour of more disturbing soap,” added another.

Geoff was bled to the ground, with many viewers delighted with his disappearance

A third wrote: ” #corrie I know they are great players and everything, but this has been going on for too long and it is too violent for the pre-watershed.

“I have seen enough to last. And her friends are all horrible for leaving her alone like this. “

But other viewers praised the captivating screenplay and the actor’s performance, with a tweet: “It’s a shame the British soap awards don’t take place this year because Yasmeen’s screenplay would claim every prize.

“Everything was managed brilliantly down to the smallest detail. Ian and Shelley have been phenomenal all along. “

Other viewers praised the soap for dealing with an important issue and the performances of the actors

Another credited the soap for dealing with a current issue, writing: “More seriously, this story of Yasmeen and Geoff highlights all of these poor men and women living in homes of domestic violence who have nowhere to go. go during this lockout. #Corrie “.

“Wow, such a powerful episode. A hard-hitting and sometimes very uncomfortable scenario to watch, practically today. But kudos to everyone involved with the scripts, filming and performances. #CoronationStreet#Corrie#Yasmeen#Geoff “Wrote another.

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MirrorOnline contacted a Coronation Street representative for comment.

In recent episodes, Geoff cheated on his wife Yasmeen with prostitutes and gave her chlamydia, which he later blamed her for.

He gave her his beloved chicken to eat without telling him before and stole money from her bank account.

He also forced her to have sex after protesting, and during Friday’s episode, Yasmeen finally broke and defended herself.


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