Coronavirus: UK registers 118 deaths and plans to reopen schools from June


The UK has recorded an additional 118 deaths from COVID-19, bringing the total to 36,793, said Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

There have been 2,000 additional new cases of coronavirus, the Prime Minister said the country could probably move to a gradual reopening of schools starting June 1.

“We want to start bringing our kids back to the classroom in as safe and manageable a way as possible,” said Johnson.

He added that the opening on June 1 would not be possible for all schools.

“Total social distancing may not be possible, especially when teaching young children, our advice sets out a series of protective measures to keep children and staff safe,” added Johnson.

Pressure mounts on top British government official to resign

Johnson’s primary assistant faces new allegations that he violated the coronavirus lockout rules by traveling 400 kilometers in the north of England while his wife had symptoms of COVID-19.

The newspapers Observer and Sunday Mirror reported on Sunday that Dominic Cummings had been seen in the north-east of England twice in April.

Members of the British opposition have called for his resignation after it was first reported on Friday that he had violated the government’s own restrictions on coronaviruses.

Johnson, meanwhile, repeatedly defended Cummings during Sunday’s briefing.

Pressure relies on British advisor to stop new allegations that he violated the coronavirus lockout

Wuhan Laboratory Denies Link to COVID-19

The Chinese Institute of Virology in Wuhan, the city where the new coronavirus emerged last year, said it has three live strains of bat coronaviruses, but none that match the COVID-19 strain.

The director of the institute told state television CCTV that US President Donald Trump’s claims that the virus may have leaked from the facility were “fabricated.”

In an interview recorded on May 13 but broadcast on Saturday, Wang Yanyi said that the center had “isolated and obtained certain coronaviruses from bats. We now have three strains of live virus … But their greatest similarity to Sars-CoV-2 is only 79.8%. “

The virus is believed to originate from a Wuhan food market.

Trump points to China following coronavirus epidemic

France’s faithful return to mass

In France, religious celebrate Sunday mass for the first time in two months after indoor masses have been authorized for the first time since the closure of the coronavirus.

The reopening this week follows a High Court ruling that banning religious ceremonies is illegal.

Religious services resume in France as restrictions continue to be relaxed

Spain ready to reopen its international borders

Foreign tourists will be able to travel to Spain from July, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Saturday.

The Prime Minister said that tourists could enter Spain under certain security conditions.

International arrivals have largely ceased due to strict locking restrictions in Spain and quarantine rules. The tourism industry accounts for 12% of Spain’s GDP.

There have been more than 28,000 confirmed deaths in Spain, one of the most affected countries in Europe.

The Spanish La Liga soccer league will also restart on June 8, Sanchez said. It follows on from the German Bundesliga which restarted last weekend in empty stadiums.

Russia reports daily death toll

Russia has reported 153 deaths from coronavirus Sunday in the past 24 hours. This is the highest number of deaths per day in the country during the pandemic. The total death toll is now 3,541 across the country.


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