Coronavirus: “The camaraderie helped us in the treatment of cancer”


David Wood, Gary Romeril and Peter De La Haye

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Peter De La Haye and David Wood


David Wood, Gary Romeril and Peter De La Haye were the last to leave Jersey for prostate cancer treatment

A group of prostate cancer patients left their families to travel to the UK during the coronavirus crisis for life-prolonging treatment.

David Wood, Gary Romeril and Peter De La Haye traveled from Jersey to Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge for radiation therapy in April.

They each lived alone for a month, leaving their apartments only for daily treatment.

The “three musketeers” said they had become “friends for life”.

The men flew to the United Kingdom at the end of March where they spent most of their days alone in the apartments reserved for them in Cambridge.

“The first night was probably the most difficult for me,” said Romeril.

“You have all this news about the coronavirus and you see that people are dying, and it just makes you think that if I have it, I might not see my partner or anyone again. “

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David Wood


Men missed birthdays with loved ones while away

The three men were picked up at 6:30 am each morning and taken to hospital, where they spent approximately two hours waiting to complete their treatment.

De La Haye, 71, said their daily catch-up was what he “looked forward to every day.”

“The worst time is when you are alone. Your mind can play tricks on you and it starts to make you think of pain. “

Romeril, 59, said “camaraderie” was his “main driver” to get through the experiment.

“The fact that Peter and Woody are positive, cheerful characters is what made the three of us get along so well.

“We have been there for each other and that means a lot. “


The Jersey boys tried to include as many people as possible who could be alone

The trio’s friendship and positivity quickly earned them a reputation with patients and staff.

“A guy finished his treatment but he called the hospital and told them that the three musketeers were missing. We were known as the boys of Jersey, ”said De La Haye.

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Peter de la hague


Men allowed to share the occasional socially distanced walk around Cambridge for exercise

The men were even able to organize a surprise party for Mr. Wood’s 78th birthday in the hospital canteen.

“They all went out with birthday cards and little gifts, and the next minute they went to get a cake,” said Wood.

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David Wood


Wood described it as “the best birthday I have ever had”

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Gary Romeril


Mr. Romeril wrote a birthday poem for Mr. Woods, known as Woody

“The three of us came together and that is why it was such a positive experience for all of us,” said Romeril.

The three have returned to Jersey and plan to meet for a celebration when the lockdown ends.


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