Coronavirus: Tanzanian President promises to import Madagascar “remedy”



It was launched after being tested on less than 20 people

The President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, sends an airplane to Madagascar to seek an herbal tonic presented as a remedy for Covid-19, even though the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that it does not there was no evidence of healing.

The President of Congo-Brazzaville also promised to import the drink.

It is produced from the plant Artemisia – the source of an ingredient used in a treatment for malaria.

WHO has also advised people not to treat themselves.

The drink was launched under the name Covid-Organics and was marketed after being tested on less than 20 people over a three-week period, Tanzanian President Lova Hasinirina Ranoromaro’s chief of staff told the BBC.

In response to the launch of Covid-Organics, the WHO said in a statement to the BBC that the world organization does not recommend “self-medication … as a prevention or cure for Covid-19”.

He reiterated previous comments by WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus that there were “no shortcuts” to finding effective mediation to fight coronarviruses.

International trials are underway to find an effective treatment, the WHO added.

In March, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health based in the United States
warned of alleged remedies for coronaviruses
, including herbal therapies and teas – say the best way to prevent infection was to avoid exposure to the virus.

The drink has been recovered from other African countries.

On Saturday, Madagascar delivered a shipment to Guinea-Bissau.

The Madagascan president also tweeted that the special envoy to Equatorial Guinea had picked up a shipment of drink.

Sorry, this Twitter message is currently not available.

Speaking on television, President Magufuli said he was already in touch with the government of Madagascar and that he would send a plane to the island nation to recover the drugs.

“I am contacting Madagascar, and they have already written a letter saying that they have discovered drugs. We will send a flight to bring the medicines so that the Tanzanians can also benefit. So, like the government, we work day and night, ”he explained. said.

Mr. Magufuli has already been widely criticized for his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

He encouraged the public to continue to gather in places of worship, when much of the world had to deal with lockouts.

Tanzania’s delay in implementing tougher measures to prevent further spread of the coronavirus in the country could have led to an increase in positive cases, according to the WHO.

There are 480 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country, but Magufuli said the number could be exaggerated and that he doubted the credibility of the national laboratory.

He said he secretly had animals and fruit tested in the laboratory and that a papaya (paw paw), a quail and a goat returned positive samples.

“It means there is a possibility of technical errors or that these imported reagents have problems,” he said, without giving further details.

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