Coronavirus sport news LIVE: English players donate to the NHS; Project restarts to resume Premier League


The parish warns the last six countries opposed to a restart to consider a financial threat

Crystal Palace president Steve Parish has warned the last six clubs opposed to the Premier League resumption on the neutral ground that they do not take the financial threat to the league seriously enough.

The Premier League has offered to use up to 10 neutral stadiums to end the season to protect players and prevent the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. However, those in a relegation fight feel that losing the house advantage in their last games would be unfair.

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“We already know that we are badly damaged,” Parish told Sky Sports. “We don’t have a crowd, probably the sponsorship market is largely gone, there is no food income or hospitality. The only thing we really have left for a while is the broadcast revenue.

“At the moment, we have no visibility after August on revenues.
“I said it at the meeting, I honestly think I would say the same [if we were in a relegation fight].

“I’m afraid people don’t look far enough and see the consequences of not playing. “

“The best way for us to resolve this is to resolve it in a competitive manner, it is the least bad option and it is the territory in which we live at the moment, the least worst option territory.

“All the pitches are about the same size, an empty stadium is an empty stadium. I think it will be a level playing field from the start.

“It is likely that we will start next season with neutral grounds. Naturally, there will be a distortion, probably for two seasons. “

Consulting players about their fears is a big obstacle to the return of football, and although Parish expects a player to be positive once sport resumes, he says the Premier League is well prepared to deal with it .

“The players will test positive under this regime,” he said. “We will catch players who have contracted this disease in society and help them prevent the spread of this disease. “

Crystal Palace themselves face another obstacle: manager Roy Hodgson, 72, currently belongs to the government’s “clinically vulnerable” category, which could prevent a return to work.

“He understands that there are risks,” said Parish. “We will make sure he understands the risks. Given what we know so far, we will need to take extra care [with Roy] and we fully intend to do so, we will follow the rules in force. ”


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