Coronavirus: Police Alerted People on the Beach During Lockdown


Portobello Beach

Police spoke to people on Portobello Beach in Edinburgh after being alerted to a large number of people in the area.

Families and groups of bathers were seen enjoying the sun and mainly observing the two-meter distance guidelines.

But this decision breaks restrictions on leaving home during the lockout.

Scottish police said the officers had imposed no fines, but urged people to follow the lock rules to stay at home.


The beach in the Portobello area of ​​Edinburgh is a traditionally popular spot on sunny days

The scenes – including footage of the animated walk – were a concern for local politicians, including the Edinburgh MSP, Ruth Davidson.

She said, “We have had weeks now where people have followed the rules, they have done the right thing, they have cared for each other, they have cared for each other, they have cared for the NHS.

“Just because it’s a sunny day, don’t throw it away … don’t break the rules.

“If you cannot stay two meters away like in Portabello today, get out of there. “


People were seen in the sea and sitting on the beach

The current Scottish government lockdown says people should go out as little as possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

They should only leave their home if they have a reasonable excuse. This includes:

  • Exercise – alone or with members of your household
  • Shopping for basic necessities
  • Medical need or care for a vulnerable person
  • Traveling to or from work if you cannot work from home

“Encourage compliance”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said the situation was first reported to them around 2:15 p.m.

She added, “Our officers will continue to engage with the public, explain the legislation, encourage compliance and use the app only when necessary.”


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