Coronavirus: People traveling from France to the UK will not have to be quarantined | UK News


Travelers from France to the United Kingdom will not have to be quarantined after the two countries have agreed to a reciprocity agreement.

Boris Johnson announced on Sunday evening that “it would soon be time to impose quarantine on people arriving by air in this country.”

However, Downing Street later added, “No quarantine measures would apply to travelers from France at this stage. “

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he

Coronavirus: PM announces new locking rules

Mr. Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron have agreed on the COVID-19[female[feminine measure today on a phone call.

In a joint statement, they said: “Any action on both sides would be taken in a concerted and reciprocal manner.”

A working group made up of French and British officials will be set up to hold the consultation in the coming weeks, they said.

Earlier this week, France said that new quarantine and isolation measures could be introduced for all travelers to the country.

However, these would not apply to the countries of the European Union or to Great Britain, for the moment.

Mr. Johnson did not give a timetable on when quarantines for incoming travelers could be introduced, having largely resisted so far, with the exception of those from Wuhan and then all of China in the early days of the pandemic.

The Prime Minister announced on Sunday that certain locking measures would be relaxed, and those who cannot work from home are encouraged to enter.

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Beginning on Wednesday, people living in England will be allowed to sit in parks, exercise as much as they like, drive to other destinations and play sports.

Johnson announced an increase in fines for those who break the rules, and said the UK aims to reopen schools and stores in stages starting June 1 at the earliest.

By July, he hopes to reopen part of the hotel industry and other public places.


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