Coronavirus Pandemic: Updates Worldwide


People gather along the Huangpu River for May 1 in Shanghai, China on May 1.
People gather along the Huangpu River for May 1 in Shanghai, China on May 1. Hector Retamal / AFP via Getty Images

The new coronavirus has infected more than 3.4 million people and killed at least 243,000 worldwide. If you have just joined us now, here are the latest developments on the pandemic.

Busy holiday weekend in China: Mainland China reported no new deaths for the fifth consecutive day on Saturday, as people flocked to the country’s attractions for Labor Day weekend. One million people visited Shanghai in two days. Meanwhile, Harbin City, on the Russian-Chinese border, has closed all restaurants until further notice, according to public broadcaster CCTV. The measures were aimed at preventing crowds from gathering during the holiday weekend.

Deaths in France The daily number of coronavirus deaths in France continues to fall. At least 24,760 people died there after contracting Covid-19, an increase of 166 since Friday, the Health Ministry announced on Saturday. Meanwhile, the French government will extend its state of emergency for two months.

But the dead in Brazil are climbing: The Brazilian Ministry of Health has reported 421 deaths from a coronavirus in the past 24 hours, with a total of 6,750 deaths. Brazil has the most reported cases in Latin America.

Warren Buffett shares a certain optimism: The billionaire investor said he remains confident that America will recover from the Covid-19 pandemic – just as it has done after other crises in the past century. He also announced that his company Berkshire Hathaway had recently sold all of its stakes in four airlines, calling it a mistake to invest in the industry.

Thailand lifts ban on alcohol: Thailand has started to relax some of its month-long restrictions on coronaviruses, as cases of Covid-19 in the country continue to drop. Some businesses like markets and hairdressers may reopen, bus and train stations may also reopen, and bars may sell alcoholic beverages, but people should consume them at home.

But the Philippines suspends air travel: All passenger and commercial flights to and from the country have been suspended today to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The Philippines has confirmed 8,928 cases of coronavirus and 604 deaths.

Baby names: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson named his newborn son after the doctors who treated him for coronavirus. The baby’s name is Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson – Nicholas is in honor of two doctors who treated Johnson.


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