Coronavirus outbreak: live updates and news from May 25, 2020


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The number of new cases in Germany increased slightly, while a hard-hit region in Italy, including the financial capital, Milan, reported no deaths for the first time.

Japan isis preparing to end its state of emergency nationwide by lifting orders from Tokyo and other regions as more cases of coronavirus disappear. Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces intensepolitical pressure after defending a senior official who broke the lock rules.

President Donald Trump has declared that schools should be opened “as soon as possible”, while the death toll in the United States is approaching the 100,000 mark. The United States will limit certain trips from Brazil, a nation with the second largest number of cases.

Key developments:

  • Virus Tracker: 5.4 million cases; deaths of more than 345,000
  • Republican riskpolitical reaction in Trump’s haste to reopen
  • Covid-19 patientsnon-infectious after 11 days, study finds
  • Social unrest hidesChile as the virus spreads
  • Hertz says pandemic has devastated income, leading to bankruptcy
  • Use of computer simulations to find a Covid-19 treatment:graphic

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Cases reported in Russia increased 2.6% to 353,427 (4:20 p.m. HK)

Russia reported 8,946 new cases, almost half of which were asymptomatic. The country is only surpassed by Brazil and the United States in the total number of reported infections. More than a quarter of new cases have occurred in Moscow.

German companies see gradual economic rebound (4 p.m. HK)

German companies expect the economy to improve in the second half after the coronavirus pandemic depressed spending and private investment and plunged the economy into a recession.

The companies surveyed by Ifo showed cautious optimism in May, with an indicator of rising expectations after the plunge in the previous month. A full recovery, however, is still a long way off as consumers who are wary of infections stay away from shops and restaurants, and businesses with moderate demand are cutting jobs.

Hungary fully reopens Serbian border (3.30 p.m. HK)

Hungary fully reopened its border with Serbia on Monday as the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic faded in the two countries, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in a Facebook video. While Hungary is a member of the European Union, Serbia is not.

Chinese Xi congratulates Hubei for sacrifices during epidemic (2:35 p.m. HK)

Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Hubei Province for its sacrifices during the coronavirus epidemic at the country’s largest national political rally. Xi met with the Hubei delegation to the National People’s Congress, where he reminded the public that vigilance against the virus should not be reduced and that future disease controls should be normalized.

Wuhan, the city of Hubei at the epicenter of the epidemic, was placed under the firstmassive global lockdown. The quarantine caused suffering to the townspeople who lost their families and friends when medical resources were depletedsubmerged during the peak of the virus.

Xi expressed concern over the city’s “post-virus” situation, calling for an orderly collection of cremated ashes and a funeral after the ban on funerals and long lines of ballot boxesraised questions about the actual magnitude of the losses.

The number of cases linked to a nightclub in South Korea increases to 237 (14:06 HK)

South Korea said the number of nightclub virus outbreaks in Itaewon, Seoul had dropped to 237 by noon from 233 before. About 82,000 people have been tested for a possible club-related infection, according to an earlier briefing from the South Korean Ministry of Health.

There is “no need yet” to reinforce the daily distance warning, as infections are manageable despite the increase, the ministry said. The incubation period for infections in Itaewon clubs between late April and early May is almost over, but authorities continue to monitor secondary infections.

German cases increase as infection rate rises (1:34 p.m. HK)

The coronavirus infection rate in Germany fell to 0.94, but remained below the key threshold of 1.0. The so-called reproductive factor represents the number of additional people infected with a single positive case.

The total number of cases increased by 342 to 180,328 in the next 24 hours on Monday morning, a slight increase from 276 the previous day. The country recorded 22 deaths, bringing the total to 8,283. The new deaths remained below 100 for more than 10 days.

Indian Maharashtra to launch domestic flights (12:25 HK)

Indian Maharashtra, home of the country’s financial center, Mumbai, will resumeCommercial flights on Monday with reduced domestic services as the state struggles to contain coronavirus cases. The state will allow 50 flights a day, up from 200 earlier, Mumbai airport said in a statement, joining airports in cities like Chennai and Hyderabad for pruning air services.

Watch: D. Sudhakar Reddy, President of the Air Passengers Association of India, discusses the government’s decision to resume domestic flights starting Monday.

Boris Johnson faces political tension over aid breach (12:18 HK)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces the mostpolitical pressure since winning a huge parliamentary majority last year as lawmakers from all sides publicly attack his boss, even after Johnson put his own authority on the line to support him.


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