Coronavirus: no “single leap towards freedom”, warns the minister


Grant shapps


Grant Shapps Announces Funding To Bring “A Generation In One Change” To The Transportation System

The government will proceed with “extreme caution” to exit the lockout, the secretary of transport said as he revealed his intention to “get Britain back on track.”

Grant Shapps pledged £ 250 million to improve cycling and walking infrastructure during the daily briefing.

But he has not confirmed a 14-day quarantine for passengers arriving in the UK.

346 additional coronavirus deaths have been recorded in the UK, bringing the total to 31,587.

The Secretary of Transport said moving beyond Covid-19 would be “gradual progress” and not a “simple leap to freedom”.

Even if the UK transport network was operating at full capacity, social distancing rules would mean that only one in 10 passengers could travel, he said.

Shapps said there were unprecedented levels of walking and cycling during the pandemic.

He said: “If it is crucial that we stay at home, when the country gets back to work, we need to ask these people to continue cycling or walking and for them to be reached by many other people too. “

Bicycle paths, wider sidewalks, safer junctions and bicycle and bus lanes will be created in England in the coming weeks as part of a £ 250m emergency fund.

Asked by BBC’s Ben Wright about reports of quarantine measures for people entering the country, Shapps said he would not announce anything before Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech on Sunday .

But NHS deputy medical director Jonathan Van-Tam said the virus had an incubation period of up to 14 days during which symptoms developed.

Mr Shapps said: “Given the sacrifice that the British people have made for seven weeks and counting, you cannot have a situation where someone is invited to stay at home but others can enter the country . “

Asked about social distancing in schools, especially for young children who may not follow the rules, Mr. Shapps said, “Extreme caution is actually the watchword on this. but where the social distance has been relaxed and where there have been problems, we will therefore wait to see. “”


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