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Drinking at the bar could be stopped when the pubs reopen while the lock is released.

Restricting people who stay there after ordering and obtaining their drink is one of the proposals put forward by industry leaders to help customers protect themselves. coronavirus.

Limiting the number of children in outdoor play areas, patrolling smoking areas and stopping drinkers from returning drinks are other possibilities before a potential pub reopening in July.

Depending on the options of the UKHospitality (UKH) professional group, restaurant tables would be spaced to meet social distancing guidelines, cutlery would be taken out with each meal and condiments provided in individually wrapped sachets.

Drink at the bar
There may be restrictions on customers staying at the bar after ordering and obtaining their drink

Earlier this month, Boris Johnson said that some hotel businesses may be able to reopen July 4 at the earliest in the government’s third phase of the lockdown.

Pubs, restaurants and hotels have been closed since closing their doors in March, with a large number of employees supported by the leave scheme.

Hotel companies have made it clear that they are in favor of a gradual reopening and do not want to move forward “before the time is right”.

The guidelines suggest that “restrictions on customers who stay at the bar after ordering and obtaining their drink” should be considered.

He also proposed that customers be “discouraged” from returning empty glasses, told to keep a safe distance away from bar staff, and will have to form a socially distant queue for orders.

Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKH, said: “UKH is working hard with its members and with other industry organizations to develop practical and effective guidelines to help companies start reopening safely when the time comes.

“These are draft guidelines that have been shared with the governments of England, Scotland and Wales, to help them think about reopening them. “

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“We hope the guidelines will help companies develop their own plans based on their premises, ensuring that safety comes first when the time comes to reopen.” “

One owner went so far as to transform an existing pub into what we might look like after locking.

Whatever programs are adopted, many believe that pubs and bars in the UK uncertain future.


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