Coronavirus New York: ICU doctor from Mount Sinai Brooklyn sacrifices time with 14-month-old son to fight COVID-19 pandemic


MIDWOOD, Brooklyn (WABC) – A doctor at Mount Sinai saved people who died from COVID-19, but it also cost him precious time with his 14-month-old baby, regardless of New York’s progress in reducing the curve , people are still dying. All the time.

If that truth was not difficult enough, Dr. Angela Chen of Mount Sinai Hospital also had to make the terrible sacrifice of spending the last seven weeks apart from her 14-month-old son Theo in order to fight coronavirus .

Dr. Chen is an emergency doctor at Mount Sinai, but was recently deployed to Mount Sinai Brooklyn to assist in intensive care.

She says being away from her son was very difficult. Baby Theo has not hugged his mom in almost four months.

“He’s raising his arms, he wants to be picked up, and there’s no way to explain to a 14-month-old boy that I can’t take you, and it’s overwhelming,” said Chen.

This is the case in a state that always follows all the rules of social isolation.

But as the coronavirus has gone wild from coast to coast, 38 states are easing restrictions even though 19 of them are still on the rise.

“By putting a face to the daily sacrifices that people make because of the virus, people will think about the implications of these actions,” said Chen.

Yet in some parts of the country people have started to live their lives. With Mother’s Day on Sunday, Dr. Chen wonders when she can continue with hers.

“What is the end point of that, when can we really find our children?” Said Chen.

Somewhere between 200 and 300 people still die every day in New York State, and they die in neighborhoods like South Brooklyn.

Mount Sinai Brooklyn has a total of three refrigerated trucks in the back, and Dr. Chen sees no end in sight.


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