Coronavirus New York: Front-line workers stand by to honor victims of COVID-19


NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – Front line workers gathered Wednesday evening for a special tribute to the memory of the victims of COVID-19. Hundreds of health workers at Lenox Hill marched as they held candles tall virtual spaces in silent homage to all they have lost.

They gathered outside the hospital for a moment of painful and solemn silence. Only they know how it was inside themselves and all the soldiers who paid the ultimate price in a devastating and heartbreaking war.

“Say their name, say their name out loud, feel the loss, because it’s okay,” said Dr. Jill Kalman.

It is a painful time to get involved in medicine and can be exhausting and painful most of the time just to walk through the hospital doors – but for many, it is the time that defined and revealed who they are.

“We all got into it for a reason, it’s one of the most mission-oriented moments in our lives, so if that’s why you got into medicine, we dive, we don’t back down not, “said Kalman.

The hospital is now seeing fewer COVID patients, but they are still arriving.

“We did the research, we have the data, we know what’s going on – now what do we do about it,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo. “We will develop targeted strategies for these highly impacted communities. “

Cuomo said an even higher percentage of cases are now arriving from minority areas of the city.

Almost half of the people living in the Morrisania section of the Bronx have tested positive for the virus or the antibodies it causes.

“The spread continues in these communities and that’s where the new cases come from,” said Cuomo.

This does not surprise Reverend Roberto Lopez, the pastor of the Union Grove Baptist Church.

“If you walk around our community today, you will see that there are certain parts and places where they do not respect social distance, and I don’t know if it’s just for lack of information or I I’m not too sure what the reason is, “said Lopez.

The governor is not either, so he is increasing test sites and doing more community outreach for education.

Back on the front line, they will not forget those they lost or the time they lived.

“It has been terrible, traumatic, uplifting, uplifting, bonding – the best time to be in health care, but probably the hardest thing to do,” said Kalman.


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